St. Louis Cardinals Discussion

  1. St. Louis Cardinals Discussion

    So how about a discussion on the St. Louis cardinals who were supposed to do nothing this year? and now a contender in NL Central?

    Our pitching is phenomenal, considering the stars right now are on the DL.

    Wellemeyer is intense and control is dead on. NL Pitcher of the month.

    Adams Wainwright A rising star above all. Being in the bleacher and watching him pitch is a down right event in itself.

    What is lacking in pitching is made up in fielding.

    Summers on its way, and the bats seem to be warming up.

    Just wait till Mulder is 100%, or with our cy young award winner Chris Carpenter who will be back after the All start break.

    We can always rely on Albert.

    But the rookies being optioned up recently are making a good impact on the team... with Mather up, and the sidewinder Worrell on his way. Its about to get interesting.

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  2. The cubbies and brew crew just got a big pitching umph, better hope Mulder returns to Cy Young form.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Distilled Water View Post
    The cubbies and brew crew just got a big pitching umph, better hope Mulder returns to Cy Young form.
    Mulder pitches tonight... He has a new arm slot, and his sinker just isnt there... the pitch that made him a great pitcher. So we will see how things go with him. With Sabathia now on the brews, going to get interesting.

    With the trades made around the Brews and Cubs, I still think the Cards should stick to thier guns right now. We are in a rebuilding phase, so many prospects coming up, I dont want to see them get traded away for an aging arm/bat. But then again I want to see some more talent now in st. louis to contend this year... so I am torn.

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