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  1. Dean Karnazes

    Any one herd of him?

    Karnazes is an endurance runner extraordinaire and has been saluted by Outside magazine as "America's Greatest Runner". He has also been hailed as one of the "Top 100 Most Influential People in the World" by TIME magazine and Men's Fitness says Karnazes "might just be the fittest man on the planet". Karnazes is also author of the best-selling autobiography Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner.

    What supplements does he use to get in this kind of shape?

  2. he once ran 500 NON-STOP miles! i wrote an article on him for a journalism class, a class in which name i can't remember. he is a hardcore guy. he'd run all that time and have pizzas waiting for him at intersections and run while polishing off whole pies (you need a lot of cals to run that much)! his favorite foods were pizzas and eclairs and shlt like that! nutz! he can "sleep" a bit on straightaways.

  3. hen a bone-crushing endurance challenge is a normal part of your workweek, when TIME magazine names you as one of the “Top 100 Most Influential People in the World” and when Men’s Fitness says you “might just be the fittest man on the planet,” your name is Dean Karnazes.

    Dean’s accomplishments? Here are but a few: Winning the Atacama Crossing, a brutal 6-day race across Chile’s most inhospitable desert; winning the Badwater Ultramarathon, 135 miles through the bowels of Death Valley in July; running a hellish minus-40-degree race through the South Pole (in running shoes); running 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 consecutive days and finishing with the NYC Marathon (which he completed in 3 hours flat); swimming across the San Francisco Bay; climbing Yosemite’s Half Dome; mountain-biking for 24 hours straight; and surfing the monstrous waves off Hawaii’s coast.

    The Atacama Crossing race Dean won is one in a series of five heart-pounding events slated for 2008. Called “The Desert Grand Slam,” the remaining marathon locales are in the Gobi Desert, Death Valley, the Sahara, and Antarctica.

    Competing as an extreme athlete is one of Dean’s many passions; another is serving as a messenger to encourage others to be their all-out best. He travels the country promoting healthy active living to people of all ages—meeting them, running with them, speaking, supporting, giving of his time and of himself. Lately one of his causes is working to stop the “globesity” epidemic. “Its been estimated that as many as one third of our young people—25 million kids—are classified as overweight or obese” he says. “This is tragic! Kids love to move and play and run free. They are looking to us as adults to show them the healthy way. Certainly as a society, we would be much happier if everyone led active healthy lives.”

    In his spare time, Dean wrote a book. Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner, which has been on The New York Times list and is a national bestseller. Itwon a “Best of Amazon” award in 2005 and was the #7 best-selling sports book worldwide (The Economist). Ultramarathon Man has received gleaming reviews in Publisher’s Weekly, Esquire, Newsday, Sports Illustrated, and is currently in print in eleven languages.

    Dean has been featured on 60 Minutes, The Late Show with David Letterman, CBS News, CNN, ESPN, The Howard Stern Show, NPR’s "Morning Edition," the BBC, and many others. He has appeared on the cover of numerous magazines, including Runner’s World and Outside, and has been featured in Time, Newsweek, People, GQ, The New York Times, USA TODAY, The Washington Post, Men’s Journal, Forbes, The Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times, and the London Telegraph, to mention a few. He is a monthly columnist for Men’s Health, the world’s largest men’s health and lifestyle magazine.

    How does Dean feel about handling celebrity? Although he agrees it isn’t “something you can train for,” his experiences with fans usually inspire him. “Inspiration is a two-way street,” he says. “There is something clearly magical about many of the people I meet. They’re kindred spirits…and they’re not always athletes. Recently someone told me, ‘After I read your book, I got up off the couch and walked around the block for the first time in 10 years.’ A story like that fills my heart with passion.”

    In spite of his unbelievable calendar, Dean loves to be home, devoting time to his wife Julie and their children Alexandria and Nicolas. Dinner together as a family is a top priority, even though it often means training late at night and sleeping less. “I’m into needing less now, especially material things,” he says. “They’re not important to me anymore. I want to be free of any material encumbrances. And I’m never more free than when I’m running down an empty trail.”

    Some of Dean's Achievements:

    Winner, Atacama Crossing, 2008
    Winner, Dead President’s Ultra, 2007
    Completed 50 marathons, 50 states, 50 days, then ran 1,300 miles from New York City to St. Louis as a cool down, 2006
    Winner, Vermont Trail 100, 2006
    Winner, Badwater Ultramarathon: The World’s Toughest Footrace, 2004
    Winner, Arabian Stallion Award, Angel’s Crest 100-Mile Endurance Run, 2003
    Winner, Outdoor World Championships, 2000
    Eleven-time Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run Silver Buckle holder
    Ran 350 continuous miles
    Six-time finisher of the Saturn Relay ultradivision (199 miles nonstop solo)
    First and only person to run a marathon to the South Pole in running shoes
    Competed in over 100 extreme endurance events around the globe
    Member of the American Ultrarunning Team representing the USA at the 2005 World Championships
    Specialties: running, mountain biking, surfing, snowboarding, windsurfing, triathlon, adventure racing

    Just got this off his site.

    What nutritional products does he use to keep in top shape I wonder.

  4. Any one?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by djbombsquad View Post

    In his spare time,

    What nutritional products does he use to keep in top shape I wonder.

    Spare time....thats my favorite line in the whole article. Jesus if i ran a marathon i would have to sleep for the next week, not to mention 50 in as many days, crazy. I saw this guy on conan awhile back, he seemed like a normal guy.

    Supps? Who knows, thats a good question though. Maybe he was born with an over active adrenaline gland. Or hes a junkie for the runners high, when he comes down off a marathon run it must be major withdrawl. Cause i know im bummed when im done with just 30mn of cardio.



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