NCAA Final Four

  1. NCAA Final Four



  2. I have Memphis and Kansas still in it. The way my bracket broke down, I had WASU beating UNC out to get in (had to have some kind of upset), and Duke somehow squeezed their way into the final four as well, but that whole bracket in the bottom right destroyed me early on. Go Memphis!

  3. I gotta go with UNC all the way even though I'm not a huge Psycho T fan.

  4. Damn, Carolina got spanked. Kansas vs Memphis should be good though.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Alexander View Post
    Damn, Carolina got spanked. Kansas vs Memphis should be good though.

    Yep UNC got blitzed, the good thing about sports is that there is always next year. The finals will either be a barn burner or the most boring game ever. I think the former would be more likely.


  6. Wow, I thought my bracket was s***, but I have Memphis defeating Kansas in the Championship. I'm bout to check the scores now....

  7. Memphis had it in the bag, up by 5 with some seconds left, then Kansas comes back, goes into OT. Kansas wins in OT.

  8. Memphis cost me some change

  9. By sheer coincidence, every year I do a bracket, I have the final two in the championship. I've done 3 brackets, G. Tech vs. UConn, OSU vs. Florida, and Memphis vs. Kansas.

    And, by coincidence again, I have yet to pick a national champion.

    What the hell.


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