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  • Giants

    9 33.33%
  • Patriots

    18 66.67%

New Who will win the Superbowl poll!

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  1. New Who will win the Superbowl poll!

    Just like the last one except you only have two options now! Go Giants!!

  2. No love for the packers????

    Oh wait they lost, nevermind lol

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  3. I'll cheer for anyone who isn't the Pats...wait...I have to cheer for Eli Manning? Are you kidding me? Ah crap, I'll just watch and cheer no one.

  4. The path to perfection will be completed on Feb 3 2008

  5. Do you really have to ask?
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  6. I want the G-men to win simply cause I hate the Pats. But it would be cool to have a team go 19-0. I will do my best to root for and against the Pats with all my might

  7. Three people voted for Giants? Are you f'ing crazy?

  8. being a jets fan i have to hate the pats, and be it im from NY i have to root for the giants in this one. The last team to win 3 playoff games on the road won the superbowl (pittsburgh) and the Pats havnt looked the same since they last played the giants. The two weeks off will get burress even more healthy after a big performance (11 rec, 154 yds) and hopefully eli doesnt turn back into his former self. I think the giants got a shot especially if they can get pressure on brady with just a four man rush (umenyora, strahan, and tuck are all capable of gettin to the qb) and if steve smith and amani toomer keep playin the way they have. Also, Jacobs and Bradshaw can give the Pats succeptible run d a problem. I think the giants can pull this off. If not its gonna be closer than most people think.

  9. This game won't be as close as the first time they played. New England has the ability like no other team this year to adjust their game to find ways to beat you. I'm calling it New England:31, Giants:17. GO PATS!!

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  10. giants 28
    pats 24

  11. I think my Avatar speaks for itself!

  12. jets, giants, Stankees, They are always crying. PATRIOTS 19-0. Eli will fall apart in 2nd half. PATS 38- Giants 10

  13. 34-21 Pats

  14. I think people are living on the earlier game.. Can you really see the Pats losing?

  15. 31-21 Patrtiots. I think the Giants can keep it close for a while but the Patriots will show their superiority in the 3rd and/or 4th quarter.

    The Giants can try to be clever and play a dime defense but the Patriots will just have Maroney bruise their defense. The dime defense might not do much against Brady's precision passing on short routes, especially to Welker and Watson.

    The Giants are going to need all-time performances from Strahan and Umeniyora to have a shot or to keep it respectable.

  16. Pats take it all the way. No question. Giants have already beaten 2 teams they should have lost to, Cowboys, and Packers. Their luck runs out on Super Sunday.
    Pats have been playing with a vengeance since the spygate thing. I highly doubt they will slack off at this point.

  17. The Pats, without a doubt. W00T!

  18. The Pats will win fo sho, and I hate to say this, but I don't think it will be by more than 1 TD. I just have one of those "feelings." I'm also on MassFX, powerFULL, and Drive, so those could also account for the feelings, LOL. Go Pats!

  19. i already predicted a score but it will either be the giants by a little or the pats will win by 14+

  20. For some strange reason, I think the Pats will win by a touchdown and a field goal. Don't ask why. I just have a feeling.

  21. Go Patriots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Whoot Whoot!!

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  22. i told you b1tches the giants would win!!!!

  23. New York, New York......i called it

  24. Quote Originally Posted by SgtP View Post
    i told you b1tches the giants would win!!!!
    It was a 50-50 shot so I can say you got lucky


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