There's no crying in football!!!

  1. Angry There's no crying in football!!!

    For the love of all things testosterone, THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!!!

    If you cry on the field, in the locker room, or during an interview, you should be fined by the league.

  2. I hate professional sports so last night when I saw that I was making serious fun of the guy and my wife then chimes in in his defense "Maybe he just really cares about his job bla bla blaaaa blaabety bla..".

    I replied by saying it's a that people are payed way too much for, but still a GAME.

    So we had an argument over this stupid sheet and went to bed crabby. LOLOL

  3. Watching TO put on his golden globe performance in the post game press conference was amusing to say the least. Karma has caught up with him in the end......

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  4. if you vote for hilary, it will be required by law!

    seriously though, their lives are consumed by the game, i personally don't fault them for getting emotional when they lose when it matters most. however, since it's T.O. you never know....

  5. Whichever angle you take, shame on a man for crying when things don't go right in a game OR in a job. That's pathetic sentimental fluff that should be saved for TheView.

  6. I think T.O. is manic depressive. He's nuts. Certifiable.

    And Donovan McNabb and Jeff Garcia were heard slamming their heads into a wall during T.O.'s press conference. Seriously? T.O. is crying because a reporter picked on his QB??? When did I enter the f*cking Twighlight Zone? Wasn't he murdering every QB who previously tossed the ball his way?

  7. TO's an emotional mess and he needs to stop acting because we all know he actively seeks attention. He did the same crap with the botched suicide attempt, which I think was a ploy to get more press conferences. He needs to grow up and stop *****ing since he makes $6 million a year. I can understand being pissed, there's nothing worse then the day your season ends but you have to be a mature man about it.

    Tony Romo's lucky he wasn't playing alongside TO 5-6 years ago because he'd be called anything from a ***, to an out of shape QB with a weak arm. The only other QB he never dared criticize was Steve Young because Young's a HOFER and Young had the backing of everyone in the 49ers organization. They also had strong leaders that would go Michael Westbrook on his a$$ if he got a temper tantrum.

  8. TO is overrated anyways. Dallas has better receivers than him.


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