new ravens head coach

  1. new ravens head coach

    I know im one of the only big ravens fans left after this season.I want to know if anybody has any good ideas for new head coach and why.

  2. Whoever your D. coordinator is should be promoted and Bilick should be **** canned.

    Bilick was an 'offensive mastermind' who hasn't been able to do much with that teams offense....I think he is in the bottom 5 of coaches.

    They should hire a defensive guy, like the existing coordinator as the head coach since the Ravens identity will likely be as a defensive power for years to come, and then get a new O.C. and let him run the offense.
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  3. Billick was on offensive mastermind because he had Robert Smith, Randy Moss, and Cris Carter with him in Minnesota LOL. Most NFL OC's can be "master minds" with that talent too.

    I would go with Rex Ryan as the HC. Dennis Green is out there and he would make a nice OC. There's also Marty Mohrningweg (sp ?). He was an excellent OC with the 49ers for a while but moved on to be the HC of the Lions. If Charlie Weis ever gets fired by ND then he'd be a solid candidate too. Mike Martz is out there and should definitely be interviewed. Scott Linehan could be fired any moment by St. Louis but he'd be a good OC.

    There's tons of guys who pan out as OC's but just can't succeed as coaches. Billick was lucky to have had great talent in Minnesota and Baltimore. His offense didn't need to show up the year they beat the Giants 34-7 in the Super Bowl.

    If they don't promote Ryan then they should look into Jason Garrett, Steve Mariucci, Dennis Green, Bill Cowher, or others that I can't think of. I would personally do whatever it takes to get Bill Cowher. Chudzinski, the Browns OC is also an intriguing choice and can potentially be next year's Sean Payton ( Saints HC ) if he's given a shot by a team. What he did with Anderson and a "washed up" Jamal Lewis was pretty impressive. Jason Garrett is in a similar situation as Chudzinski so he's worth a look.

    If all else fails, they could always recycle a coach from the past or hire someone from the college ranks. The guy in my avatar went from coaching Stanford to creating the team of the 80's with the 49ers while setting them up for success in the 90's
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