1. Bcs=garbage

    Is it just me, or is this years college bowl games really weak? Im not really excited about any of them. Anyone else think its time for a college playoff style system? Lets see who really is the best team in the nation.

  2. It's been time for about a few decades LOL. There's only a handful of games that I'm really interested in watching. The bowl season got too big, there's tons of teams that wouldn't be in a bowl game 15+ years ago. There's about a dozen more bowls games then they used to have so we end up with more mediocre teams playing in the bowl season.

  3. Yeah - that has pretty much played out thus far.

    Yesterday's games were GOD awful. The Rose Bowl should be beaten about the head and shoulders for picking UofI to play USC.


    Sugar Bowl was pretty much stuck with Hawaii. But - they obviously did not belong in a BCS bowl.

  4. I must say though, I did get a kick out of West Virginia waxing Oaklahoma


  5. I'm not for a playoff, yet. I just love the regular season way too much to take away from it. To me, the regular season is the playoff. I am for moving backwards, though, and reinstituting the old traditional bowl matchups and using the BCS rankings after to decide the NC. Call me an idiot, but Jan 1st is nowhere near what it used to be, and for the second year my beloved Buckeyes are in the title game but the excitement just isn't there like it would have been on New Year's.

  6. The regular season isn't a playoff. Else LSU and OSU would have both eliminated themselves with those late losses.

  7. The regular season is the Play-Off right now Binge, but the system is still not perfect because we end up with too many questionmarks about who the real champion is. A champion should be undisputed and unquestiones IMO. If tomorrow's game is very close then prepare for the onslaught of people who will want to crown USC, Georgia, or possibly West Virginia as the champion.

    It's still better to have it decided on the field and taking away from the regular season as well. Besides, I think it would be more exciting to see USC, Georgia, LSU, Ohio St, West Virginia, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma duke it out in a Play-Off system.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80 View Post
    The regular season isn't a playoff. Else LSU and OSU would have both eliminated themselves with those late losses.
    Another excellent point. The Play-Offs would also prevent another Nebraska catastrophy. They were in the title game after getting dismantled by Colorado. They didn't qualify for the Big 12 title game BUT they qualified for the NCAA title game, wtf is that all about ? They were man-handled by Miami and the game was more lopsided then the score indicated.


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