Rich Rodriguez to coach Michigan

  1. Rich Rodriguez to coach Michigan

    ESPN - Rodriguez leaving West Virginia to coach Michigan - College Football

    Big hire offensively for UMich. They'll need a good DC though.

    Am a bit surprised Rich left WVU - thought that was where he'd stay for a while. Guess the money was right (and UMich is a much bigger program - can't blame him for that).

  2. I think Mich hit a home run w/ this one. I just saw today that he came in & cleaned house! Fired every other coach except for one... Dayum, Merry Christmas..

    There's a QB in PA that's being recruited by MI big time now to take over the spread O that Rod runs. Mallett better start to worry about his next 3 years @ MI..

    I'm already looking forward to seeing them play next year!!!!

    I hope they at least keep the game against FL respectable...

  3. I doubt the last part. You guys are like Miami on D - awful. And the Gates are rocking and rolling on O.

    Best thing you guys can hope for is the Heisman jinx.

  4. But - I do agree this is an HR of a hire.

    He took a GARBAGE WVU team to the BCS in a pretty short time.
    He'll revolutionize the Big 11 with his offense.

    Forget the Zooker - RichRod can actually coach (along with recruit).

    I'd be afraid if I were a stodgy Big 11 team.

    I did see about that Penn. QB that moved UMich to #1 on his list.
    I suspect Rich will adapt the O next year to play to Mallet's strengths. I just don't see a frosh QB playing all that much (unless it's a Leak/Tebow type situation).

    People forget Rich doesn't have to run the pure spread offense. He didn't at Clemson when he was the OC (from what I remember). I think he'll adapt based on the players he has.

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