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Who will Ohio State play for the BCS title?

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  1. BUCKNUTS who are you going for in the BCS Title Bowl.

  2. If you guys watched any of the bowl selection shows, you could see the disgusting bias for the SEC, USC, and Ohio State. How do you argue #2, #4, and #5 in the national title game, but not #3? If VT wasn't good enough, then they would be sitting at #7 or #8, correct?

    VT would give OSU a challenge if they went to the national title, and I believe VT would come out victorious.

    The BCS really does fcuk a lot of teams over.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by AM07 View Post
    The reason Hawaii didn't go to the title is because of their weak schedule.

    The same can be said about the Luckeyes, but because the people who choose the bowl games are biased towards historically good schools, OSU made it to the title.

    How come NOT ONE announcer even mentioned VT if getting the honor to go to the title? The only two losses they had all season were to #2 teams at the time, LSU and BC.
    Let's see, hawaii did have key wins against northern colorado, charleston southern, and utah state (this one was actually a very close game). comparing their schedule to the buckeyes is ignorant. we had wisconsin, michigan, illinois, purdue, and michigan state. all these teams were ranked at some point in the season and 4 were ranked at time of contest. the only impressive victory for hawaii is boise state. although i would love to see the warriors in the big game (not kidding), i can see the argument to disclude them.

    why didnt VT get any love? they lost by over 40 points to LSU!!! both having 2 losses, it wouldnt make sense to rank VT higher since they are both conference champs. the only variable in your favor is that LSU lost their second game later in the season.

  4. I understand they got destroyed by LSU, but their offense really picked up after that game, ESPECIALLY since they started using both QBs.

    The BCS is just extremely flawed.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by vika808 View Post
    Hawaii is gonna smash Georgia warnerve
    i would love to see nothing more, i loved boise state winning that game last year, georgia is just a hot team right now. i won't be mad if i am wrong by any means man!

    AM, i am an ohio state fan and i will agree myself their schedule was weak this year, the big ten has been pretty down lately, and no one expected Washington to tank like they did. Remember, before that game a lot of people thought OSU was overrated and Washington was going to win. However, i do NOT agree about VT, i dont consider the ACC schedule much if any better than big ten. They get respect for scheduling LSU, but they didn't earn much respect in that game. I do agree VT has gotten a lot better, but it HAS to be hard for the voters to overlook that game against LSU. I will say Oklahoma definitely has a legit gripe, and Mizzou's game is ridiculous too, I would much rather see mizzou and VT.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by AM07 View Post
    Then how come EVERY OTHER SPORT and LEAGUE, including Division 1-AA, 2, and 3 have a playoff? What's so special about 1-A that they get to avoid the playoff system? From what I've read, leaders of the Pac 10 do NOT want there to ever be a playoff system, SEC teams would dominate them.
    I like the fact that it's different, it has always been a different way than what other leagues do , hell even different from other NCAA sports do. Take a look at how the NCAA does it's basketball tournament(which I love also) 64 teams get in and there is still annually teams crying about being excluded. Now imagine a year like this one in college football where almost everyone lost at least once, how would you pick the 8-10 teams for the playoffs? I agree with you that it would be dominated by the SEC because 7 of the 8 teams chosen would be SEC teams due to the media's masturbatory love affair with that league, no way would Big 10 or Pac 10 teams get a fair shake in that system. As proof I would say how did LSU leap 4 teams 2 of which won their games to be ranked #2? As for the whole strength of schedule argument every major program schedules cupcakes for non-conference games including the powerful and highly exhalted SEC teams. Ohio State lost 1 game to a BCS bowl bound team other than that they did not lose in a league where 10 of the 11 teams were bowl eligible and had winning records. Put down that SEC Koolaid that ESPN has been serving you, there are good teams outside of the SEC who deserve consideration as well.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by CHA0S View Post
    BUCKNUTS who are you going for in the BCS Title Bowl.
    You aren't serious are you?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by BUCKNUTS View Post
    You aren't serious are you?

    say what you want about the system, it makes the regular season FAR more important and interesting

  9. Quote Originally Posted by BUCKNUTS View Post
    You aren't serious are you?

  10. As far the whole playoff vs. the current system: the idea that the regular season becomes meaningless or that we already have a playoff, it's just every week is freaking HORSESH*T!

    First off - if you require the 4 or 8 or whatever teams to be the top 4 or 8 or whatever teams in the final BCS standings to be the teams in the playoff, then the regular season still matters just as much.

    You couldn't go throw a game and expect that you would get in. You could get in, but you wouldn't be guaranteed. Just like now.

    And as far as the argument that we have a playoff now, I mean really now. If we had a playoff - LSU would have been out when they got beat by Ar-kanas. OSU would be out when UofI beat them.

    As far as how I would do it - I'd use the final BCS standings. You could use the conference champs if you have an 8 team ore more system. Say - the 5 BCS conf. champs plus the top 3 BCS teams.

    If you do a 4 team playoff - which is what I'd like to see first - you just take the top 4 teams.

  11. As far as the Rose Bowl - booooooooo!

    UofI wasn't deserving. Should have picked UGa.


  12. VT really got screwed hard this season, too.


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