Professional Athlete Stupidty Rant

  1. Professional Athlete Stupidty Rant

    Now a preface to this rant is yes I am a Denver Broncos fan and I know that this has always been known and an issue but now that it has an affect on a team I'm a fan of I have really come to wonder.

    Why do premiere athletes insist on being fools and tarnish their name and deprive teams that pay them substantial amounts of money and instill trust in them? Most recent occurrence/my breaking point, Travis Henry. He comes to Denver and says I'm glad to be with a team that has a rushing attack like Denver and that he wants to help them win and all that jazz. Now yes again I know this has always been a problem but what are these guys thinking? This isn't even about steroids, yes steroids are illegal and banned just like marijuana but are taken for a completely different reason as we all know.

    Now personally I would do anything to be given the ability to be a professional football player (and especially a starting back) and these "men" who are given the ability to play a game they love and make obscene money and yet they can't put down a ****ing joint? Granted I come from a completely different background than these players (namely Travis Henry and Ricky Williams) but how can an individual be so stupid/lack the will power to comprehend that stuff is going to come up on a drug test? Sure they may get away with it but is it worth it? Are they that desperate to risk there jobs/respect for a joint?

    Maybe I'm overreacting on this rant/ don't understand it but I am at a lost at these individuals decisions/thought process.

  2. Pro athletes are under a microscope so it's natural to think they're heathens because only the bad stuff gets reported. Drama sells in the media and these stories cause drama. I'm not excusing stupidity but what I'm trying to say is you have people like that in the real world and pro sports aren't an exception.

    I think in similar way OCC so it's a natural reaction. I still don't understand their actions but I have an uncle who had a 6 figure a year business and ruined it for booze and coke and I think sometimes their reality is far different from the one that most "normal" people have.

  3. Yea thats a very valid point I didn't consider in my anger driven 2-3 start. I guess the fact is that both pro athletes and just the non pro athletes are under the same regulations just in a different sense. It still baffles my mind however that these people (pro athletes) know they are going to be tested and yet are still willing to gamble. Individuals that risk there legal well being for a good time seems a little more likely to be able to get away with it when there not under a spotlight.

    However your last statement of people who loose everything for what seems pointless to us may be under the impression that there untouchable which is a feeling people like myself do not have/ have not yet obtained ahah.

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