Iron Warrior - About this Alex Smith guy...

  1. Iron Warrior - About this Alex Smith guy...

    He just threw a pick 6.

    What the hell is going on today?

  2. Steelers Defense, HOLLA


  3. Quote Originally Posted by Fastone View Post
    Steelers Defense, HOLLA

    hahahha! even bruce lee supports the steelers' colors!

  4. Might be the begging of a bad week for IW. I think Cal will be beat by Oregon.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80 View Post
    Might be the begging of a bad week for IW. I think Cal will be beat by Oregon.
    Going to be a great game. I bet on Cal +4, even though Oregon's QB is pretty damn good.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80 View Post
    Might be the begging of a bad week for IW. I think Cal will be beat by Oregon.
    I'm back now, been busy as hell this week. The pick 6 looked bad, he shouldn't have thrown that ball. Alex improved a lot last year and I hope he continues to get better this year. This is his 3rd OC in 3 years. He is lacking a play-making WR, Vernon Davis doesn't count because TE's don't stretch the defense. I hope this was simply a case of the 49ers running into a blazing hot Steelers team that's on its way to a great season. I think the Steelers and the Colts might be the only teams in the AFC that can give the Pats a run for their money at this point.

    The 49ers have a huge game this Sunday too. Gotta beat the Seahawks for 1st place in the West. We took care of them twice last year but Frank Gore will need to have a break out game and he's due. They need to get Gore more involved in the passing game as well. He was Roger Craig-esque last year as a receiver out of the backfield but Jeff Hostler seems to be forgetting about that. This 5 and 10 yard outs and hooks BS to D-Jack and Arnaz Battle just doesn't get the job done because they can't do sh!t after the catch. I want to see them use Lelie as a deep threat at the very least, make him earn his money !

    Playing at Autzen is gonna be tough. OU's receivers scare the hell out of me. We have enough play makers to get the job done but we're gonna have to jump out to an early lead and just force our running game on the Ducks from that point. DeSean Jackson will have to make 2 game-breaking plays, our defense needs to hold them under 30, and Justin Forsett will have to lead our rushing attack to 150+ yards this week.

  7. You are right about the OC's. I forgot how many times he's had a new offense to learn.

    Agree with the WR's the Niners have. They really aren't much of anything.

    As far as Frank goes - I wonder how much his mom dying has really messed up his mind and ability to focus. They were really really close from what I knew when he was at Miami.

    Oregen is pretty pumped to avenge the beat down they took at Hippy ville last year.

    I wish I had Cal-Oregon on TV - but Wisc-MichSt is on.

  8. Oregon must have been affected by the purple haze fumes at Bezerkely last year. Cal was not intimidated by Oregon and the defense came up huge in the 4th quarter. This is the first time I've seen a Cal Bears team with a killer instinct.

    We still have tough games with Arizona St., USC. We can win all the other ones but the Sun Devils are much better then most people realize. USC is the big monster of the PAC-10 but they can be beat. They'll have to go back to Bezerkely, which is the place where we knocked off Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, & Co. whe they were # 1.

    I'm still upset about the 49ers. 23-3, and it was worse then it looks on paper ! I swear to God, we need to put hit on Jeff Hostler. That guy has no business being an OC. Why can't the Chargers just fire Norvelle Turner ASAP so he can go back to Frisco and do what he does best which is tutoring QB's and running the offense ? D-Jack ain't sh!t at WR, I can't believe how many stupid niner fans think he's a huge upgrade from Antonio Bryant ? Vernon Davis is the only one who seems to scare defenses but he's our TE. They are better off going to Gore in the passing game because they're only kidding themselves with these 5-10 yard routes to Arnaz Battle and D-Jack. The only reason those routes worked in the past was because we had WR's by the names of Jerry Rice, John Taylor, Dwight Clark, and Terrell Owens, those guys can do things after the catch but our receiving corps can't !

    The 49ers are worse for my blood pressure then Tren at this moment


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