6000th post - Meet Miami Head Coach Randy Shannon

  1. 6000th post - Meet Miami Head Coach Randy Shannon

    SI.com - NCAA Football - Gary Smith: Miami's search forcoach ended with a man who'd been there all along: assistant Randy Shannon - Tuesday September 4, 2007 11:51AM

    Yeah - I felt like such an idiot when I read this yesterday that I wanted a big name as the head coach.

    "In Randy we trust."

    Much respect, Randy.

  2. my mancrush on him grows each day. JMH, we are going to be just fine - next year, with the new 305 talent coming in, all I can say is "uuuuuuhhh oooohhhhhhhh" - we will be putting the nation on alert.

    PS - That OU game was a good measuring stick for us, we were there midway through the third. No doubt about it, they were the much better team for 60 minutes though, I could see them easily winning the NC this year.

  3. Oklahoma looked scary. They'll be on the same level as LSU and USC if they keep it up.

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