U.S. Open

  1. U.S. Open

    Surprised to not see a thread about this. Has anyone else been following this? I really don't know much about tennis sinceI just recently became interested in tennis. From the matches I've seen, it's been an exciting tournament. Of course, Federer is probably going to win the whole thing. He beat Roddick tonight. He is playing Davydenko in the semifinals, whom he'll most likely coast by.

    I would like to see Ferrer take it all.

    So does anyone else here like tennis, or am I just talking to myself?

  2. It kinda pisses me off that we don't have a really great tennis player from the US...roddick is a choke artist, the williams sisters aren't what they used to be. And don't even get me started on how hyped up Blake is.

    ...but yea, i follow it. Atleast we still have one of the sisters in the semis.

  3. Huge tennis fan here. I've watched almost every televised match so far this tournament. Federer is going to win, which is almost getting boring. This Djokavic(sp?) kid is damn good, and just beat Roger in the finals of a tournament 2 weeks before the open began, so that gives the Federer haters some hope. It's been a great tourny so far. Some spectacular night matches. I really liked the Blake/Santoro match. Like PI said, it does suck that there are no great americans, but someone will come along soon enough.

  4. yea I follow tennis and played it all throughout high school and probably will in college. I don't follow it like I follow football but enjoy matches from time to time and the slams.

    Blakes my boy and my favorite on tour but has been struggling latley. Hopefully we can get a win from Venus to make up for the fact this is going to be the first year an American Man didnt reach a final of any slam since 1986

  5. Ferrer and Djokovic are playing right now.

    Let's go Ferrer!

  6. tennis is a great game to watch on tv. ill be turning 49 in a few days so ive seen a lot of great players, all the way back to laver/rosewall. federer is the man, how can you not be a fan? btw got 2 doubles matches set up for today.

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