American Breaks Kobayashis Hotdog Record !

  1. Thumbs up American Breaks Kobayashis Hotdog Record !

  2. It's about time. You'd figure with our rapid obesity rate we would have had that sucker years ago.
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  3. wow. i've seen the Japanese guy on tv when he ate 52. Unbeleivable. The 350 men could only get to about 30 or so.........good so see another guy get one past him. Would be good to see how well they go head to head...................i had a new york hot dog when i was there in April. i have to say the worst tasing hot dog ive ever had in my life. Hope they don't all taste like that.

    For a freakier thing to see have a look if you can find that japanese guy eating rice. He did something like 15lbs in 4 minutes or something like that. its more amazing to see then the hot dogs.

  4. You should see Kobayashi's Krystal contest the other year. He ate something like 92!

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