Patriots Get Moss

  1. Patriots Get Moss

    How good will NE's offense be this year..Brady with Randy Moss + Dont'e Stallworth

    It only cost NE a 4th round pick and Moss wanted to go to NE and said it is the only team he would restructure his contract for..

    At 30, Randy Moss may not be the game-breaker he once was, but the Pats say they still timed him at 4.29 in a recent workout.

  2. Good luck. I find it very hard to believe he's running that now. I've been a fan, but he's quit on 2 teams now. Maybe he'll change. I like the idea of Mike Williams, former USC star, being reunited with Kiffen and taking his place in Oakland. I sure did wanna see Russel throwing the ball downfield 80 yards to him though.

  3. Randy Moss for a 4th round pick, ARE YOU KIDDING ME ! That is the biggest draft day steal in recent history.

  4. I've got a feeling Brady to Moss is going to be a dangerous combo. If any situation can straighten out Moss, it'll be this one.

  5. Head cases tend to straighten out for Belichik(Cory Dillion)

    Stallworth should be injured by pre season and Moss by game 8

    these guy are not very durable, but ya never know

  6. They also have Donte Stallworth and signed Kelly Washington from Cincinnati. Moss got his wish so he better shut up and make plays or he'll make the Raiders front office look smart . . . which is pretty tough to accomplish

  7. loved seeing Brady with a Yankees hat on. LOVED IT!!!!


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