Calvin Johnson 40 speed 4.35!!!!!

  1. Calvin Johnson 40 speed 4.35!!!!!

    6'5 239lbs...this dude is going #1...Raiders should draft this beast..Keep Moss....Get Porters head on str8...and ****...if they could give their QB more then a few seconds to toss the rock..the Veritcal Game could be lethal...on the other hand if u keep Moss..Just draft Jamarcus Russell

  2. Ive been saying this for a long time. He is the best player in the draft/college football easily. No one can compare, 6'5" @239 with a 4.35 time. Tell me which corner can handle that. Now he just has to have a team who will throw to him, unlike GT. Im glad Oakland seems to be looking past him, Id hate to see him there.

  3. Yea im pissed the lions drafted 3 WR in the past 4 years (1 huge bust and 1 isn't decieded but hes well on his way). Finally when there is an absolute stud out there, we're hand cuffed. Although Roy Williams has been pretty good, but has a Moss type attitude in "I play when I want to"
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  4. Calvin Johnson just got picked by the Lions!
    No matter how much talent he has, he is going to die in a car accident, break his neck or something really really bad will happen to him. The Lions are the worst franchise in the history of pro sports, ruin every 1st round wide reciever and are cursed worse than the Cubs. Man, it sucks to be Calvin Johnson. I wonder how he faked that smile.

  5. This guy is an absolute freak, like Moss or Owens, but who's going to throw him the ball? Al Davis ? Gotta take a QB, Brady Quinn could start right now and be the best QB the Raiders have had since the Superbowl! Russell can throw the ball 80 yards to Moss put some excitement to a dead horse offense!

  6. Drew Stanton should be a decent QB and he might develop into a nice QB if those receivers live up to the expectations. John Kitna is one very happy man as well.


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