For RD - Fellow Geezer Back in His Glory Days...

  1. For RD - Fellow Geezer Back in His Glory Days...

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
    Ya boy Mike Barrow dropping one of THE best form tackles ever.
    The original Mile High Salute.

    There's another big hit of his in this highlight vid of the Canes when playing the Nolies. (Plus one of Jesse Armstedt - fellow geezer back in his glory days.)
    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    About 9:00 in starts the tackling.
    About 8:25 in starts Keith Jackson: "It's up and he missed it to the right!!!!" And so on and so forth.
    (Ahh - man I miss the good ole days pre-Coker.)

    What do you think about da hits? Good stuff or what?

  2. Damn Rogue, I didn't know you were known worldwide as "geezer". I see you even managed to throw in some geezer perverted comment with your sarcasm devil attached, dirty old man. Oh and yeah that was too much Cane viewing for my liking.

  3. RD,
    You forget how to scroll forward to 9 mins on YouTube or what???

  4. Just put up post 5003. :bb2:

    I just got some of the CJC stuff. Am going to start it now. Hoping the GH/IGF releasing properties will help my bum-azz shoulder.

  5. Holy sh!t I think we nearly witnessed a death on the field LOL. That and Quentin Coryatt's hit (Texas A & M) are some of the most vicious collisions I've seen.



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