TO - Will His Demands Never End???

  1. TO - Will His Demands Never End???

    According to ESPN, often-maligned and disgruntled wide receiver Terrell Owens met with Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones earlier today and proposed that Jones agree to change the Cowboys’ tag line from “America’s Team” to “A bunch of guys whose sole purpose is to make Terrell Owens look like to goodest receiever in the NFL, because he is”. Reportedly Owens told Jones “If you agree to this, or at least to change the team name to the “Dallas Terrells”, then next year I might be able to catch more of those passes, you know them ones I dropped when I was wide open”. Lastly, in what might best be described in an odd ending to this meeting, Owens made the following comment to Jones: “You look like one of the effin’ Keebler elves since you got all dat plastic surgery done”.

    Insiders report that Jones is considering which, if either, of Owen’s requests to acquiesce to, as well as whether he should initiate legal action against his plastic surgeon.

    Incidentally, none of the above is true. I just though some of you might need a Terrell fix, and so I made it up.

  2. LOL, that didn't look too far off from an onion article.

  3. LMFAO that's pretty much what he wanted to do with the 49ers and he was largely responsible for getting Steve Mariucci fired because he didn't pamper TO enough. It's always TO getting victimized by the rest ofr the media, coaches, and teammates. It's never his fault LOL

  4. LMAO that sounds exactly like him....if you pay me that much money i will make sure i come up with those balls he dropped and i won't make any demands at all

  5. He's a joke in the league, it's ashame he's a crazy mofo. Such wasted talent.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by jminis
    He's a joke in the league, it's ashame he's a crazy mofo. Such wasted talent.
    True, true. First Gary Coleman, now Terrell Owens. For the love of mankind, we have to find a way to stop wasting this type of talent!!!

    Seriously, I'm somewhat partial to the Cowboys; except for one player - TO. He is such a jerk; and really a tremendous head-case.


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