Gators vs Buckeyes

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  1. Gators vs Buckeyes

    Well Monday is almost here and I am estatic to see the Buckeyes make it to the MNC game. I am posting to get everyones thoughts... Most of my friends think this is going to be a really close game and I tend to agree.

    I am predicting 27-21 Buckeyes.

    I think Percy H. will score,I think Tebow runs one in, and I think Wynn gets in the endzone. I also think UF will miss 2 field goals.

    For the Buckeyes

    Gonzo will score, Chris Wells, and Brian Robiskie will get TD's. I think we will go 2-3 for FG's.

    OSU will also win the Turnover battle 3-2.

    There is just something about this Gator team that scares the piss out of me. I have the upmost respect for Myer and I know his team will be amped!!!! I also think Troy will just not allow his team to lose.... Much like VY last year.

  2. Buckeyes will take the game 34-17

  3. Gators in a close game 28-24.....if they bring their A game it's lights out ohio state.

  4. I have to get my thoughts out on the Bucks last appearance in a title game before I can comment on this one.

    Even then - I'll probably keep my thoughts to myself.
    No use in spewing venom at either/both fan base at this point. I'm getting too old for that...

    Suffice it to say, I'll be watching. I'm hoping that it isn't a blowout - those aren't fun (unless your team is winning).

  5. JMH yeah I bet the PI call still stings for sure from that game. I know it has been BEAT TO DEATH from both fan bases whether it was a good call or not. I personally think it was not a good call, I am not saying there wasn't contact, I am saying how do you call that. I also think the game should have never gone into OT when Chris Gamble caught the first down...hahaha wow going down memory lane for no reason.. Sorry

    I think just like in 2002 Florida thinks they have too much speed for Ohio State and that there is no way we can keep up. I think Florida will be suprised by our speed honestly. I think the thing that will keep Florida in it is that they might be more hungry for it. Since we have had recent success and everyone is saying how great we are etc... We will see, here is hoping for HUGE Buckeye win so I can relax and enjoy the game, but it will be a 4 quarter game.

  6. If I had to contrast this game with pre-game in '02 - I'd say you guys are like Miami.
    EVERYONE and their brother is expecting a win by the Bucks. And that's even amongst the TON of SEC fans that I work with/talk to.
    Seems like most of us Miami fans expect you guys to win.

    It'll be interesting to see you guys playing with the bullseye on your backs this time.

    BTW - on that play in the 4thQ, it was a bad call - Gamble caught it in bounds. But - there was a delay of game on that play. The ball was snapped to Krenzel when the clock read 00 for 4 to 5 stills on my vcr.
    Back 'em up 5 yards and see if Coker/Shannon learn their lesson and blitz on 4th and 19. (I'm skeptical on that - after all, it is Coker...)

    You are one of a very, very few Buckeye fans that will admit some form of "yeah - it was a bad call" or shouldn't have been called relative to how that game was officiated, etc. Most want to justify. Which is just beyond stooooopid to me and the vast majority of folks I've talked to (most of my good buddies are Vol fans mostly - and hate Miami - most of my co-workers are SEC folks).

  7. I don't really understand the "speed" argument except maybe in the LB spot. I guess Teddy Ginn doesn't have Olympic-class speed. I guess Troy isn't great at scrambling out of trouble.

    For me, the game comes down to the lines and the secondaries. I haven't been greatly impressed with the OSU db's since 02. There's always one good corner and one good safety, but that's it. The pass rushers and the LB's just make them look better, IMO. I think we have the better QB and the better running game, but none of that matters if the line doesn't hold up.

    OSU 24
    UF 14

  8. Pretty sure you have the better pure running game.
    UF will have to do it with Harvin and Teebow.

    I think you have an advantage at QB - but I think most Bucks are underestimating Leak. He's not a bad QB in the least. Not great - but not as bad as I've read.

    Maybe Teebow makes a freshman mistake. Or - maybe he runs over Lauranities for a TD. Who knows with him.

  9. These damn bowl games during the work week are too damn late.
    I have to get up early - I'm too old for these 7pm CT starts (esp. with 5 billion commericals dragging this out for 4+ hours).

  10. OSU in a laugher. FU doesn't even deserve the bid, they should've lost to the ole ball coach.

  11. im hoping for an OSU blowout. i was in tempe the last couple days and OMG, its a huge sea of red. every bar on mill ave was playing hang on sloopy. it was awesome!!! i almost got into a couple fights with gator fans(i was totally wasted) cause so much trash talking was going on. it will be similar to a home game for OSU. i was there for miami/OSU in '02 (sorry jmh) and the crowd advantage plays a favorable role. i would say OSU fans outnumber gator fans about 8:1.

    HULK'S prediction: 28-31 OSU in a game winning field goal!

  12. Florida For The Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  13. Quote Originally Posted by CROWLER
    Florida For The Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sorry crowler, i wont be doing business with you anymore

    haha, jk. i cant stay away from AI and healthy cheat foods. best of luck to ya. and in the small chance that FU wins, you should have a sale to celebrate. that way, something good will still happen for us buckeye fans just throwing it out there

  14. Not taking my feelings into account about the sea of total RETARD OSU* fans (majority of you folks on here notwithstanding...but it's like when a group of you folks get together, you get REALLY stoooooooooopid - or maybe it's just because I'm an engineer that graduated #1 in his college class - yet I digress) I think Florida wins.

    A few things working againtst OSU* - the QB Heisman jinx (only Leinart has won and they had a SUPERIORLY talented team - not the case in this game), not battle tested NEARLY as much as FLA, and everyone and their brother nationally is picking them to win (Troy sure seemed hella confident on ESPN a little while ago).

    FLA has a tricky sorta offense (mainly because they don't have a good RB for their system, IMO). They do some odd stuff w/ Harvin and then there is Teebow.
    I'm starting to change my mind on Teebow - I think he'll become a good QB (the boy still needs to learn to slide though). I think he makes a big play or 2 tonight.
    OSU* hasn't seen anything all that tricky in a big game this year. Michigan and Texas certainly ain't that creative.

    Gates can block some kicks/punts. Probably the best in the biz this year. I LOVE that.

    Both teams have good return men - Ginn is better though.

    Alright enough analysis with my head.

    Now - taking my personal feelings into account (AM guys don't take offense - not directed at my good brothers of iron) - it's time for the Devil to collect a portion of his due that SweaterVest used for that '02 title.
    Mark it down - there will be a HUGE call that is bogus/suspicious will go against the Bucks.
    I'm not saying that call will hand FLA the game (as '02) - but something BIG.

    Alright - I've said enough.
    Time for a good, clean game fellas.

  15. I know it's only one play, but WHAT'S THAT ABOUT SPEED?

  16. I saw Ginn walking off - but what happened to him? I was reading this thread.
    For My Post #3k - Metric Azz Load of Females.....

    Man - the Gates have come out on FIRE (it appears - again, am not watching that closely yet).

    Meyer just put on a CLINIC on Sweatervest.

  17. Man - this is U-G-L-Y.

    No 2 ways about it. Sweatervest just got his azz outcoached by Meyer in the first half.

    That FLA D just had a DAMN impressive half of football.

  18. this is gonna be one hell of a comeback!

  19. Oh I'm loving this. There's still a half to play, but damn! I had picked Florida like 29-27. I had no idea it would be like this. That SEC sure is overrated . Florida #1, LSU #2.

  20. I tell ya what Hulk. I hate Sweater's smug azz.

    But - I like you. So - if OSU* FAIRLY (important to note) comes back to win this game - I will call him the best coach in CFB (but - on AM only).

  21. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80
    I tell ya what Hulk. I hate Sweater's smug azz.

    But - I like you. So - if OSU* FAIRLY (important to note) comes back to win this game - I will call him the best coach in CFB (but - on AM only).
    fair enough but we both know this isnt gonna happen ill be crying myself to sleep tonight

  22. I'm not even really watching the game anymore. I've moved on to A) downloading porn, B) bracing myself for the barrage of "SEC is THE best" statements about 5 billion times (followed shortly by "LSU will beat EVERYONE else in the US besides UF" - forgetting that they are QB'ed by JaMarcus and coached by Larry Coker Jr.) at work, and C) waiting for the meltdown on the OSU* board(s).

    It couldn't honestly happen to a nicer fan base.
    I mean - honestly.

  23. Where are all the Gates at????

    BTW - I've never seen posts disappear as fast as on the OSU* board. I'm AMAZED.

  24. I conceded at the half. Florida did everything right where OSU did everything wrong this game, coaches and players. I don't like UF's offense, but it worked.

    All in all, I can't complain much about this year. I just wish we would have put up some sort of fight tonight. Now it's time to follow the final days of recruiting and see who stays and who goes from Pittman, Ginn, and Gonzo.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80
    BTW - I've never seen posts disappear as fast as on the OSU* board. I'm AMAZED.
    As it goes with any overflooded baord, screw 90% of those people.


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