Guess Who Has the Best Winning Percentage Since 1980 (when JMH80 was born)?

  1. Guess Who Has the Best Winning Percentage Since 1980 (when JMH80 was born)?

    Canes do.

    This is through 2005. Looks like taking 2006 into account - UM is still ahead of Nebraska 0.805 to 0.800.

    Think how much better UM would be if the Coker era hadn't happened.

  2. I'm almost positive the 49ers also have the best winning percentage and most rings since 1980-81

  3. Niners have 5 rings - as do the Canes.
    Those teams lead the NFL and CFB since '80 with championships.

  4. McIntyre - I'm surprised. Seemed like a more finesse type of guy.
    LOVED Rathman - dude was pure heart.
    What about fellow defensive guys? I was thinking Lott - but maybe Atwater during your time.
    (That man Sean Taylor up in DC has to get the award today...)

    IW and I won't taunt you too much since we are Niner guys. You'll have to give us that we stuck with them during some pretty damn awful years (same w/ UM for me...).

    You have any Jerry Rice stories? Figured maybe you guys met at the Pro Bowl (or maybe over the middle...hehe).
    Or Montana/Young?

    I agree that it is tougher today than the 80's and 90's (that goes for the NFL too). We'll see what Randy Shannon can do.

    BTW - the rumor is that the recently fired ASU coach (Dirk Koetter) has been offered the OC job at Miami - and is interested. Sounds like we'll know something on Wednesday (due to Ford's funeral on Tuesday) as he's just getting into Miami today and will talk with the Pres. and AD.
    That is damn exciting! He's ALWAYS had damn good offenses.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Drone
    I like you, IW, I won't comment on the Niners, they were my enemy for a long, long time.

    You asked me, jmh, who hit me the hardest ever, that would be Guy McIntyre, 49ers OG, and ongoing, Tom Rathman, Niners FB.
    Bob McKittrick (RIP) taught the O-Line well. I heard they were a dirty a bunch too

    Hey RD, do you remember the 1992 NFC Title game (Dallas-SF) the holding call on McIntyre was the biggest BS holding call of all-time (Cost us a TD), we should have 6 rings

    Rathman was the man. He looked like he belonged in a line up with convicts LOL.

  6. Sorry IW - had to get a new av.
    The best defensive player the rest of the country doesn't know about - yet. (Although - the NFL does...)


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