Fantasy Football

  1. Fantasy Football

    Did any of you guys make it to the playoffs. Just wondering i just was knocked out and the pool, for the winner was cowboys vs. Redskins tickets next season. Bummmer

  2. I was the #1 seed - got beat in the 1st RD by the #8 seed (he's beaten me twice now - everyone else but twice total - GREAT luck).
    I'm without McNabb though - which sucks.

  3. wow Mcnabb was on a tear this year throwing up crazy numbers loseing him had to suck. I see you like Gore he was a hell of a sleeper this year.

  4. Big Ben and Hasslebeck let me down.

  5. Oswizzle ended up winning (he was the 8th seed). LakeMountD was 2nd.
    I finished 4th or 5th.

  6. I was in last.

    To save face, this was my first year playing any type of fantasy game and i had no idea what i was doing.


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