So...About this whole OhioSt/USC Fiesta Bowl...Congrats to UCLA - Huge Upset!

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  1. Now that my combination of sadness/disgust/anger has died down, I'm proud as hell of USC.

    This was a complete rebuilding year. Not only because Leinart, Bush, White and nearly the entire offensive line left -- but 19 true freshman were called upon to play when the injuries started adding up. A backup linebacker (Thomas Williams) was moved to fullback after (Hancock, Powdrell and Havali) went down. Not to mention nagging injuries to Jarrett, a backfield that featured 5 different starters (3 true freshman).

    some will say, but that is USC.. that's what they are supposed to do - taking for granted that is it rare that any true freshman has any real success (let alone playing time, let alone 19 of them) in the first year. The future is so bright for USC that it come to negate the dark cloud left over them at the Rose Bowl.

    John David Booty was the only first year starter of the top teams (minus Oklahoma, who can be considered a top team now). Smith, Henne, Quinn, Leak, Brohm, JaRussell and even Boise States' Jared Zabransky all started for the entire season or at some point for their teams last year.

    We were one play away from forcing overtime against Oregon State and one play away from winning against UCLA. Expect a healthy more experienced Trojan team next year to draw comparsions to 2004.

    A rebuilding year that included the Rose Bowl and shot at nearly included playing for the national championship again is something to be proud of.

    -- that's my final comments on USC until after the Michigan game, Fight On

  2. Quote Originally Posted by gators52
    Yea cmon athletic directors your supposed to predict the future and know what teams will be good. I mean FSU? man they are never any good. ND with the best QB in the we scheduled them b/c we thought they were a cupcake. Get real man you can't predict these kind of things. FSU and ND are both great programs. You were complaning earlier about UF not scheduling Miami, well if they did you would now be comlaining that miami sucks balls and that UF just scheduled them b/c they are an easy OOC game. You cant have it both ways.
    FSU has had more than 3 losses since Richt left in '99. About 2003 - most of the country should have seen that "hey - Bobby's lost it, is totally stubborn about assistants - and they will be bad until he dies or resigns".
    Now - does that mean FLA should drop FSU until Bobby dies? No.

    What it does mean is that they should make an attempt at another top 30 team.
    You guys did that in '08. You've got us coming to the Swamp. But - alas, the return trip is 2012. That's right, 2012.

    I would probably get off the Gates pansy azzes if they scheduled UM every year. Yeah - yeah, I know - it's all Miami's fault. Meanwhile, the trip to the OB was 5 years later - I'm sure that was our call.

    And, no - I would not fault FLA if they beat UM this year. I haven't faulted Louisville, have I?

    Read again - I will not EVER complain about a team scheduling Miami if we turn out bad.
    In my lifetime, the only bad season's we've had have been A) Jimmy Johnson's first year of 1984 when he had to keep Schnelly's assistants B) probation and C) Larry Coker induced probation.

    I mean - why can't FLA follow the UM, USC, or OSU* model? SC played Nebraska and Arkansas this year. Miami plays AT Oklahome and home against A&M (a top 5 and top 20 yeam) next year. Then FLA and OU in '08 (I think). Then A&M and someone else in '09. Then OSU* at the OB in '10 and a return to the Shoe in '10. OSU* of course had Texas, has Cal, UM, maybe VaTech? - and some others basically for the next decade. And I think USC.

    This "SEC is best" is a cop-out for actually trying to come up with a decent schedule.

    Now - I'm pragmatic enough to know that scheduling an OOC top 25 team ain't gonna happen until the NCAA mandates it. I'm not sure how to do it - I'll have to think on it.
    But - this "playoff" we have now is a crock of sh*t with the way teams are scheduling.

  3. So you fault UF for scheduling FSU which is a bad team but wouldn't fault them for scheduling Miami which is an even worse team this year. The SEC has 6 top 30, and 3 top 10 teams, so back off man stop complaining about OOC. Most good OOC schedule games are based on rivalries like USC vs ND, FSU vs UF, Miami vs FSU.

    Miami's OOC's the last few years
    Florida A&M

    at FSU
    South FL
    at Temple

    at Houston (Thur.)

    at louisiana TECH
    Florida (at home so quit your crying)
    East Carolina
    AT FSU

    2002 (year they went to the natl championship)
    Florida A&M
    at Florida

    at PSU

    DO i have to keep going? you guys schedule on average 1 good OOC game a year and in you are in a very week conference. Time to back off my gators.

  4. Yes - do go on. Look at the '88 through '90 schedules.

    You forgot Louisville in '04 and '06. FSU isn't OOC starting in '04.

    I count at least one good OOC team x-FSU basically per year. I would say FLA only has '02 and '03 where they could claim the same - because of playing The U.

    In '01 - PSU and Washington (played at UW in '00) both ended up in the top 15 and were ranked when we played them. Plus FSU (starting the decline).

    '02 - SEC East champs - on the road. 'Nuff said, eh?

    '03 - UT/UF

    '04 -Louisville.

    '05 - No one really.

    '06 - Louisville - needs another team.

    '07 - 2 B12 teams - mentioned above.

    Looking back - '00 had UW, McNeese St, LaTech, and FSU. That's one really good OOC team x-FSU.
    '99 had OSU*, PSU, FSU, and East Carolina. Pretty damn good. FSU won the title. 2 good teams x-FSU.
    '98 had UCLA (#2 at the time), FSU, Cincy, and East Tenn. St - one damn good team x-FSU plus FSU was really damn good back then.
    '97 had Baylor, Arizona State, FSU, and Ark State - ehhh. ASU was good with Plummer the year before.
    '96 had FSU, ECU (which beat UM), and Citadel.

    So - in 10 years, I count '06 - '04 plus '97 and '96 as needing another good team. From '01 to '03 I count 2 damn good OOC teams x-FSU, then '04 has one with '05 having none and '06 having one. Looking ahead - that becomes 2 good teams for the next 3 years at least.
    I think some OOC games got moved/cancelled with the move to the ACC after 2004 - that might explain the subpar OOC scheduling. Plus - rumors abounded of USC wanting Miami to come to LA without a return trip in '05 (I think) - which we won't take anymore after getting spurned by a few teams in the '90's (even Michigan owes us a trip to the OB after a trip to the Big House in '88).

    They had agreed with Notre Dame for a cooling off period following a heated 3 game strech in '88 to '90. Unfortunately, ND won't play Miami any longer (with the current administration at the school still there).
    Going back further - '89 and '90 had 7+ ranked teams on the schedule at the end of the season from what I can find on Google. But - we were indepedents back then - so more freedom.

    I'd love to see ND and UF back on the schedule every year.

  5. Gators52.. It's officially time to get a new AIM name.. if you know what I mean.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by CEDeoudes59
    Gators52.. It's officially time to get a new AIM name.. if you know what I mean.
    I know, I will have to create a new one soon, should of done it a while ago, will wait till after the chamionship game so i can possibly include that in the name.

  7. plan on becoming Gators #52
    SLB#52 on Xbox

  8. Is it a Miami screename??????

  9. Quote Originally Posted by CEDeoudes59
    plan on becoming Gators #52
    SLB#52 on Xbox
    Well 52 was my number, perfect fit.

    JMH. Yes yes it was...shhh keep it on the down low. I've stated a few times that i was a canes fan before coming to UF and I like to pretend that part of my life never happend, allthough i'd rather have been a Miami fan than a FSU fan.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Drone
    Busted by your admission. Now I'm going to go register myself as gators52 at Scout And Rivals, and start trolling the Buckeye boards. Which topic should I lead off with, " Tressel is a bad coach" or "Troy Smith will choke, Michigan scared him bad" ?
    Haha how about this one "Percy Harvin will start his 2007 heisman campaign with a breakout game agaist "the" OSU" (more realistically I think he will be a 2008 canidate if he can stay healthy, an amazing player)

  11. Quote Originally Posted by gators52
    Well 52 was my number, perfect fit.

    JMH. Yes yes it was...shhh keep it on the down low. I've stated a few times that i was a canes fan before coming to UF and I like to pretend that part of my life never happend, allthough i'd rather have been a Miami fan than a FSU fan.
    Was the 52 for our ole boy RayRay?

    I guess I can respect someone for changing allegencies when they go to school. I stuck with Miami even though I started attending college at Tenn. when they were defending champions.
    I grew up knowing only Miami football.

    Many, many people don't understand how I can root for The U - but not my alma mater.
    I guess my response is that I went to UT not for football - but for chemical engineering (they don't have that at Miami).

    Regardless - don't forget your roots.

    RD - the sports boards (particularly college) have ENTIRELY too many retards/rednecks/hillbillies/racists trolls to begin with. Don't add another. The Buckeyes contribute their lion's share of the 'necks while the Mountaineers contribute the vast majority of the 'billies.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Drone
    You know I was kidding, right?

    I don't troll the mainstream boards, I post on smaller more sophisticated ones as VolCanedude, haha.

    Scout's OSU board used to be called Bucknuts, now it's called Hineygate, WTF is that? an Ass Scandal?!

    Don't get your panties in a wad, Binge, I know what Hineygate is, it's still a queer name.
    How is it any different from "tailgate?"

    I pretty much avoid the main board during the season, and stick to the recruiting news and articles. Other than Ohio State specific information that I may be curious about, I find better conversation and input on here. That is, the good/bad post ratio is better.

    BTW, I just got accepted as a transfer student into the English (teaching specific) program at OSU, and I'm trying to convince myself that I am not going there for football tickets.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by BingeAndPurge
    BTW, I just got accepted as a transfer student into the English (teaching specific) program at OSU, and I'm trying to convince myself that I am not going there for football tickets.
    haha well i'm thinking about staying at UF for an extra fall semester so i can get football tickets that year...we aren't crazy are we?


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