Irish Fans, Haters were right.

  1. Irish Fans, Haters were right.

    the game wouldn't be close.

    Fight on

    Projected Standings, from the Notre Dame Campus Newspaper:
    #1 Notre Dame
    #2 Michigan
    #3 Ohio State
    #4 Army
    #5 Navy
    #6 Air Force
    #unranked USC

  2. You forgot to mention that Brady Quinn locked the Heisman and Charlie Weis the coach of the year award

  3. nah that was just a joke.
    I didn't mind the Notre Dame fans, some were snotty but most just cheered for their team and didn't expect to win.

    ND fans feel that have been lied to. They didn't belong on the field with Michigan, USC and Michigan State (for half the game). The team was a fraud.

    Last year, in South Bend, the grass was 3 inches high. Desmond Reed tore ligaments in his knee just because of that. Yes, it was intentional. So the game last year was a fluke in my mind.

    hello Irish?? Notre Dame is back? Since when? still haven't beaten USC in 5 years. And just beat Michigan State for the first time in 4 years.
    Tyrone Willingham was a joke, Charlie is much better. But Notre Dame isn't back. gimme a break

  4. I agree, ND is a fraud. I never minded ND as a kid, and became a big Lou Holtz fan as I got older--I thought he was either going to cry or punch Mark May in the face before the game the other night. I was even kind of ho-hum when OSU beat them twice in the late 90's. Then Ty came in and went like 6-0 or something and the world was all about Notre Dame being back. I personally think they showed their a$$ with the Ty ordeal. Then lil' Tuna took the job, has not won a damned thing, but the media stays with it. All the homers are dillusional, and I cannot take the arrogance and hype any longer.

  5. Holtz was funny, he asks humbly for another SC bandwagon that he had tore up a week pervious

    but i think only the media loves ND.. everyone thinks they were lied to. ND is #10, with their best win in 4 year.. barely beating GTech



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