The "Gerry Faust" Era at Miami Comes to an End!!!

  1. The "Gerry Faust" Era at Miami Comes to an End!!! - Canes Hire Randy Shannon (DC) - NCF - Miami fires Coker following 6-6 regular season

    He'll coach the bowl game. I've heard MPC in Boise.

    I can't tell you how good I feel right now.

    Edit - - NCF - Sources: D-coordinator Shannon to be new Miami coach

    I'm a bit disappointed in this to be honest. I'll support Randy. But - I think we need fresh blood. I'm convinced all the coaches that were under Coker have been effectively neutered. I understand part of this is being PC or whatever - but at some point, you gotta win some damn football games.

    My feeling right now:
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  2. What a shocker Actually the most shocking thing to me was Craig James praising him as if he was Knute Rockne and Vince Lombardi rolled into one. He was saying there would be countless teams lined up to lure Coker. I guess it was a good thing Butch Davis left him with a wealth of talent to make him look goo LOL.

  3. I agree with Miami doing this before the bowl game. Canes' still have nice speed on their DE's. Good win over BC last night.

  4. The rumor now is Mike Leach (Texas Tech HC).

    That would be some crazy sh*t down in the OB!!!!

  5. Nobody wants the job. Schiano and The OBC both took raises at lesser programs. Bama's going to find themselves with the same problem.

  6. I think the Texas Tech Offense would do well at Miami.

  7. Binge - I don't want anyone comfortable with their job. This ain't a Penn State where someone (likely) stays for 50 years and is (for the most part) TERRIBLE his last 10 years.

    If those 2 don't think they could handle the pressure or recruiting or whatever - then I don't want 'em.

    Besides, the rumor is that Schiano wants to coach PSU and that they wouldn't hire a Miami HC. -- This Ain't No Lacrosse Party!
    Bob Stoops?!?!? Man - that would be f*cking AWESOME!!!

  8. This is an interesting and confusing article. | 12/10/2006 | Barry Jackson | Defensive-minded Shannon has plan for Canes' offense

    I'm more excited about this hire after reading what Shannon intends to do. This team badly needs discipline. Badly.
    I hope that Randy lives up to Russel's billing - that he's afraid of him. We don't need another player's coach (that hasn't worked at UM in the past - Dennis Erickson and Coker).

    I'm behind Shannon 100%. Let's go do this!

  9. The good thing about Shannon is his offensive mentality. He's the type of guy that will look for a weakness and do whatever he can to exploit it. That's what new age football has become.


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