IW - New Avatar of my hero!

  1. IW - New Avatar of my hero!

    Look who's 2nd in the NFL in rushing.
    ESPN.com - NFL - NFL Rushing Stats

    Love this kid. He's gone through so much. I'll always root for him.

    But - I gotta wonder "what if" with the knee injuries. I still maintain that he was THE most explosive back at Miami in his frosh year (2001 - when we had Portis and Najeh).
    Probably the most explosive back we've ever had.
    He's a different runner now though. More patient.

  2. Doesn't help that he has been with the niners either.....

  3. They (we) used to be good. Kinda like the Canes.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80
    They (we) used to be good. Kinda like the Canes.

    They are on their way back, slowly, though! I hate running back by committee!!! Especially in Fantasy Ball! The new QB is doing pretty good too, right?

  5. Definitely agree jmh, he's the MVP of the team and we'd be looking for a RB in this years draft w/out him. I didn't know what to expect from him due to the injuries. I knew he had lots of raw talent but lucky for us Barlow played like a scared b!tch and Gore just ripped the job away from him. WE could be going to the play-offs if the Seahawks keep going on a downward spiral !



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