Bobby Bowden Dun Gone Crazy Dadgummit!

  1. Bobby Bowden Dun Gone Crazy Dadgummit!

    Bowden Blames EBay For Son's Departure | NCAA Football Blog - The FanHouse

    "Because you all ignited it," he said to a small room of reporters. "You listen to eBay and e-mail and all that junk, and you all kept writing about it and that fans it and makes it grow and grow, and it becomes a cancer. That's why."

    God - he makes me laugh so much.

    Now - where is that Buy it Now button so that I can get rid of Larry Coker right this minute???

  2. Not sure.

    I'll support whomever they name. I'd LOVE to have Spurrier or Schiano.

    Have heard plenty of names (Richt, Petrino, RichRod) - but those 2 above seem to have the most smoke.

    Bottom line - we need a purging of most of the staff. I'd only keep a few assistants.

  3. Even JoePa thinks this is senile

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