Rumor Mill: Steve Spurrier to Miami

  1. Rumor Mill: Steve Spurrier to Miami

    just heard it, breaking news.. he's a leading candidate and been talking to Miami.



  2. If this happens (don't think it will) Spurrier will have officially converted to the dark side. I'd actually like to see it. It would be great for college sports in the state of Florida.

  3. Kev - I see your article and raise with:
    Spurrier Still Likely Heading to Miami :: Sources say South Carolina coach heading to Hurricanes

    Let's see you one up me now.

  4. Apparently Vegas now has odds on this sitution at 50 to one that he comes to The U.

    Wonder if Size thinks this is a good bet...

  5. I'd been hearing Stoops...
    E-Pharm Nutrition Representative

  6. Which one?

    If it's Bob - that would be suprising to me. I figure he wants back at FLA.
    Mark at Arizona might make sense - he was the DB coach here. That would be a big jump for this team at 5-6. I think we need an established head coach - no more assistants for now (Coker was an OC).

    But - who knows these days - lots of rumors.
    (I heard Rodriguez from WestVA was a target.)

  7. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80

    But - who knows these days - lots of rumors.
    (I heard Rodriguez from WestVA was a target.)
    I know who I want to coach at UM. His name is Larry Coker.

  8. In reality, the Canes need an offensive minded coach who knows how to recruit, not just go after the top 5 guys in the Parade All-American team. I've also heard Choker is soft on the players so you might need a guy who knows when to toughen up on his guys. This guy is Jeff Tedford, but he ain't going anywhere

    I'm also gonna throw these names out for the hell of it
    1. Barry Alvarez - Awesome recruiter. This guy must be one hell of a salesman.
    2. Steve Spurrier - I like this guy. He also has the swagger to coach at the U
    3. Greg Schiano - This is one good coach, will need a great OC to come with him
    4. Randy Shannon - Pretty creative, but seems to come short against the big boys
    5. Chan Gailey - Creative mind
    6. Steve Mariucci - He needs a job LOL. He actually did a pretty good job at Cal with minimal talent. He is a little soft, he let TO get carried away in S.F. and that hurt him badly.
    7. Jimmy Johnson - I'd get tired of being a FOX analyst

  9. No way on Jimmy.
    He worked out great in the '80's - but I'm thinking he's a bit too old now.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80
    No way on Jimmy.
    He worked out great in the '80's - but I'm thinking he's a bit too old now.
    I know, it was just a wild last resort option I wanted to throw out there In all seriousness, Jimmy's probably looking at Joe Gibbs and realizing that this game changes a lot in 10 years so he'll cash his checks at FOX instead. If I were the U I'd go after Alvarez, Spurrier, or Schiano just like Anna Nicole goes after old rich guys

  11. Not sure I want Alvarez ahead of those other 2 you mentioned.

    If he's the third option and Schanio and Spurrier decline - then maybe.

    He just doesn't excite me. I think this program needs some serious revitalizaton/excitement with the new coach.


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