Jim Tressel is a...

  1. Jim Tressel is a...


    no other way to describe him and what he has gotten out of his team. There is a ton of talent on the team and he and Troy Smith put together a winning formula every week - keeping every one playing at a high level.

    When asked "How would you rate the offenses' performance?" after a dismal game at Illinois - he said, "Good enough, we scored enough to win the game right?"

    At the beginning of the year, I had thought that the '05 Bucks were better - and possibly they were. Credit Tressel for getting the most out of his players and holding onto the #1 for the entire year.

    He owns Lloyd Carr. I was targeting USC and Texas to two the two strongest teams in this decade.. I would have to add Ohio State to that mix now, no question.

    Lee Corso is an moron, again. I don't particulary like Ohio State, but Corso can eat his words. Picking Iowa to beat the Bucks. Picking Texas to beat Ohio State. And Finally picking Michigan to beat Ohio State (IN COLUMBUS, no less). Corso doesn't owe anyone an apology but he should admit he was completely wrong.

    Tressel only ranks behind senior citizens Bowden and Paterno in career wins among active NCAA coaches. I like Pete Carroll, but Jim Tressel is a warrior

  2. This game for me was better than our win over miami. I looked at this as the Championship game-the rest is just gravy. There is nothing better(for an OSU fan) than beating michigan. AND I'm going to the Browns/steelers game today, talk about a rivalry week!

  3. I agree.

  4. Definitely have to agree DEO. His team didn't get rattled after the opening drive. He seemed to have the right medicine too when Michigan crept back in the game. I don't think there's another coach who knows how to utilize his talent as good as Tressel right now.

  5. I like how he eyes talent. He signs the bigger names, but also gets guys rated 3* or less and turns them into stars, guys like AJ Hawk, James Laurinitis, Ashton youboty, Pittman, Nick Mangold, and Brian Robiske to name a few.

  6. perfect specific examples. Hawk seemed to mature at Ohio State and impressed quite a bit at the combine, Ohio State certain made him faster

  7. Good coach.

    But I personally hate him.

  8. great coach
    dont mind him
    dont like the team too much
    i respect them

    all miami fans hate Ohio State

  9. I live in small town Ohio where businesses close so employees can watch the game,Tressel could run for Governor of the great state of Ohio and he'd win.I have his book on my coffee table, and if I were to have another son I'd name him Jim. GO BUCKS!!!


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