Congrats to Notre Dame

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Drone
    At least Weis tries to outscheme in gameplay, he just does'nt have the personnel to pull it off, unlike Michigan, the pro talent with the Junior High coaches, LLLLLoyd Carr and company.

    2007 should be a rebuilding year for the Irish, 2008 and beyond they should be able to match the hype.

    Michigan is cursed until Carr is gone.
    LMAO I guess he can shut up now about the need for a Play-Off when his team gets trampled in the Rose Bowl. When are they seriously gonna get rid of him ? Is it gonna take another loss to THE Ohio St., a season out of the top 25. Even a high school coach would have used some traps, draws, and screens to at least slow the pass rush down and make the Trojans D think a little. They should have brought in more blitzers through the weakside, UCLA had tons of success with that a few weeks ago and I thought they'd catch on.

    P.S. Your Wolverines should have snagged Jeff Tedford when they had a chance

  2. IW,
    We'll know how good Cal is the first game. The Vols roll into town (Berkley I think) while the Bears will have revenge on their minds after getting the hell beat out of them in Neyland this year (I was there).

    Thought on Cal for next year? Some big losses - but some damn good players return (Jackson may be THE best WR next year).



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