#5 Auburn gets ROCKED like Jenna Jameson by Georgia - AKA The SEC ain't that hot

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    I agree with you on Miles. LSU is absolutley stocked with talented players but Miles just does not seem to know how to use them. How many running backs does LSU have that could start somewhere in college, yet Miles can't seem to get a consistent game. His coaching is questionable as well. The passing game was doing quite well against Auburn but still wants to force running that is getting nothing. LSU +300 yards, Auburn under 200, LSU loss. I can't imagine LSU people are going to tolerate Miles for much longer.
    He's lucky they scraped out that win at Tennessee or people would be talking even more about his "soft" coaching style and inability to win road games against quality opponents. He better win at Arkansas too (which i doubt they will) or all hell will break loose with alumni and boosters *****ing for the next couple months in Baton Rouge.

  2. Balla - the people of south Louisiana just don't "get it" in my experience.

    I don't see a FireLesMiles.com site yet - but Miami fans had one up when we had our 1st 3 loss season 3 years ago.

    I'm convinced the heat will not be all that big even if you guys lose to Ark. A few people will be mad - but Coker Jr. will be back.
    Enjoy mediocrity. It's amazing not caring if your team wins or not. And not yelling at the tv.

  3. It's not that they don't care RD. It's that they have CONSTANT excuses as to why they lost those football games.

    I.E. "Auburn beat us because of the PI call." or "UT beat us because our boys were worn out from not eating after Katrina." ( I never understood that one - I ate and I'm merely a peon, not a football player getting kickbacks at a big D-1A schoo - yet I digress.)

    They can't see the forest for the trees, RD. (In case you hadn't noticed, I'm sort of a big picture engr.)

  4. I have no idea what you just typed. Can you make that into an equation????

  5. I'm headed back to TN for a week starting tomorrow. I may not be on the boards at all - you keep up the good fight with the *'s.

    I'll be rooting hard for the Blue on Saturday afternoon.

    Have a good Thanksgiving bruh.



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