Redskins Victory scripted?

  1. Smile Redskins Victory scripted?

    The Cowboys/Redskins game was the craziest finish I have ever seen in 30+ years of watching NFL football. It was surreal, like a hollywood script. The WWE dosen't doit this well!!!
    Now that's entertainment!!! - NFL - Cowboys penalty helps Redskins nail GW FG - Sunday November 5, 2006 5:01PM

  2. Please don't remind me, I am still dazed over how that could happen to the boys.

  3. Archuletta is one of the few safeties in the league who can't cover a tight end, definitely a lucky finish. Gotta love sean taylor though

  4. I was there - MADNESS!

  5. Dang! I've been a Skins Fan since I was 4, and since I now live in the south I rarely get to see a game!

    I haven't even seen highlights from this game!


  6. I loved that, I hate the Cowboys and #81

  7. after its all said and done the deadskins are once again in the cellar in the nfc east....that little queer dan snyder an all his money can't buy a super stienbrenner wannabe LMFAO!!!!!!!!...GO COWBOYS!


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