why aren't the chargers better?

  1. why aren't the chargers better?

    I know everyone keeps blaming marty S. but beside the strong conference (of 3) any reason they don't make it to the SB the last 2-3 years? they have an awesome offence, good defence, 3 of the most exciting and explosive players in the NFL right now (LT, truner, marryman), dependable QB. are too much used to the nice climate that the can't play january ball? they did lose the last couple of years at home though in the first round IIRC

  2. The Top reasons why they won't even make the Super Bowl
    1. Tom Brady
    2. Peyton Manning
    3. Rivers is dependable but not the QB who can take them to the next level at this point.
    4. Wide Receiving cops is not impressive, take away Antonio Gates and they'll be throwing dump passes to LT all game long.
    5. Not enough killer instinct on that team when they play big dogs in big games. Actually, most of Marty's teams lacked that necessary killer instinct to get into the elite category.

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