Clarke, Hitchcock out

  1. Clarke, Hitchcock out


    Talk about a shakeup.

    I definetly think it was Clarke's time to go because obviously he has shown no ability to adjust to the new NHL and what is needed to win. Big, slow and physical just doens't cut it anymore.
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  2. its about time, they both needed new addresses

  3. finally my prayers have been answered. Clarke was a dinosaur who was easily swayed by his own personal biases. He morgaged the future of the team numerous times with no cup to show for his efforts. He systematical broke down eric Lindros.He traded the heart of the teamaway in Brind'Amour. He brought Forsberg in about 10years too late, after he was damaged goods.
    How long can you live off the glory of your playing days?
    Hitchcock was clueless after the league changed the rules and his left wing trap became usless. The flyers were quickly becoming the Oakland Raiders, the elephant grave yard of the NHL, a place old players come to live out their last days... Holmgren? Keith Allen where are you????

  4. Thank god Clarke finally is gone. Sad thing is that he had to resign for that to happen. He is a useless tit.

  5. brought in the Phantoms coach i see. lets see if he can shake things up.

    even though i highly dislike philly as im a Ranger fan.

  6. I'd hafta say that its a good thing, after tonights game the flyers look sharp.... Maybe not so much as the PENS


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