HUGE Brawl in the Fla International - Miami Game.

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  1. HUGE Brawl in the Fla International - Miami Game.

    8 FIU players ejected and 5 Miami players ejected.


    All started after a Miami extra point (to go up 14-0 in the 3rd) - appears some guy from FIU named Singleton started it - went after the holder/kicker (I couldn't tell exactly on the stream - poor screenshots).

    Man, this is bad.

    Suspensions will rain down when the ACC gets ahold of this...

  2. I saw a Miami player swinging his helmet as a weapon. Merriweather is giving people little kicks...

  3. This was annoying. FIU players were running their mouths and jawing the whole game. They started it.

    We shoulda been mature enough not to get baited by those retards.

    My irritation is the typical BS the rest of college football fans and ESPN people spew at Miami whenever they can.

    WHERE WAS THE F*CKING OUTRAGE WHEN LSU PLAYERS DID THE SAME D*MN SH*T AFTER THE PEACH!!! (I.E swinging helmets at UM players not wearing helmets.)

    Oh - I forget. No one else is ever wrong in CFB except Miami.

  4. haha Miami = George Bush

  5. Basically. Yeah.

  6. Michigan won by 7
    USC won by 7

    I still think Michigan is #2 though.

    RD is right, Big10 teams have respect for the game. I have to agree. SEC teams have a post game prayer that includes both teams.

    Miami starting a fight? no way, the canes always get f_cked with!

    either way, it's nice to see that Miami has a pulse, I mean seriously... I wish the Gators were that emotional tonight.

    Oh well, I'm a 100% USC fan now. I just like Brandon Siler, JMoss, Timmy and a few others.

    fight on SC

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Drone
    Cryami, boo hoo, blame the other team of being the perp.

    Next time you make accusations about the "foul" nature of another, consider the last time, never, that you saw a mediocre Buckeyes team dance on an opponent's logo one week, and cleat stomp downed players the next.

    You're not doing your team any favors by spinning Thug Conduct.

    Sweet day from my side, Gators go down, USC Struggles, the #1 Buckeyes and the #2 Wolverines march on to "THE GAME".
    Buckeye players have had their moments ie. Robert Reynolds, and OSU and Wisconsin had this thing going for a few years where they each had wins in the other's house and danced on the midfield logo afterwards. This is the point that I started to hate Whisky and honestly consider them a larger rival, personally, than PSU.

  8. Weather it was Miami's fault or not, they aren't doing anything to help the "thug" image that football team is branded, fairly or not. I'm honestly not sure know how more of these brawls dont break out, this game is way too emotional, i remember times when I played where I wished someone would start a brawl so I could jump in. Allthough cheep shots (cleating and swinging helmets) is BS and should never happen.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Drone

    Maybe Miami and Hawaii will end up in a bowl together, that should make for an entertaining riot.
    With the name of Rainbow Warriors you just looking for a beating.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Drone
    Bench-Clearing Brawl Mars Hurricanes' Win

    "I think that it will affect the image of our program greatly, but in a positive way," Miami coach Larry Coker said. "I think that when they see the video and they see how it was handled they will be impressed with our players. This will not be a very big thing for the University of Miami. It was impressive in that it was handled very well."

    What is that guy smokin?
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Drone
    Cryami, boo hoo, blame the other team of being the perp.

    Next time you make accusations about the "foul" nature of another, consider the last time, never, that you saw a mediocre Buckeyes team dance on an opponent's logo one week, and cleat stomping downed players the next.

    You're not doing your team any favors by spinning Thug Conduct.

    Sweet day from my side, Gators go down, USC Struggles, the #1 Buckeyes and the #2 Wolverines march on to "THE GAME".


    The Bucks have done plenty of sh*t. Binge mentions the choke of Jim Sorgi by Robert Reynolds.

    Obviously - there was LITTLE outrage by the rest of CFB with that...huh? Considering you didn't even know about it...

    I don't agree with guys swinging helmets or stomping dudes while they were down or suplexing some retard RB from FIU.
    But - WTF did you expect? They had the holder down kicking and punching him (Perelli).
    The rest of the guys on the field came to the defense. I can't and won't fault them for that.
    Some of the conduct towards the end was excessive though.

    FIU started it. They were taking cheap shots the whole game. Those kids obviously had a chip on their shoulder for not getting a scholarship to Miami.

  12. This is what started it all.

    The kicker (John Pettie) is getting his nose picked by #96 while the holder (Matt Perrelli) is getting taken down and then punched and kicked by #26 and a host of other FIU players.

    You just can't sit back and watch the freaking kicker and holder get man-handeled.
    (The helmet swinging was out of hand though.)

  13. we're to "They started it?"

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  14. yeah the good ole "they started it defense", I guess no one on their team ever heard of being the bigger person or turning the other cheek. When people act like this they're no different than animals and it makes me sick.

  15. Turn the other cheek my azz.

    I wouldn't walk away or sing Coom-by-ya if my holder and kicker were getting kicked and punched.

  16. I understand man, not everyone can control their emotions and basically act on an impulse. The only problem with that is where does it end? Someone messes with a kicker, then someone swings a helmet, what has to happen for it to be considered going to far? Someone getting seriously injured?

  17. I've maintained (go look back at my posts) that I DO NOT agree with swining helmets at players without helmets.

    That's EXACTLY what some puzzy LSU players did after the Peach. They knocked out 2 UM players. Cold.
    (Last night you saw Merriweather completely make an A-Rod esque wiff with his helmet, stupid retard. The Yanks should sign him to play 3B from what I saw...)

    If you wanna fight - do it with your fists or whatever.

  18. I'm wondering if we'll have 22 players eligible to play at Duke next week.

    Says here that the NCAA has a rule in FB that leaving the bench to fight = suspension for one game. We had ALOT of players that left the bench - not all appeared to fight from what I saw.
    So - if the interpretation is "leave the bench period = suspension" - we may have quite a few players out against Duke. Might be playing walk-ons.

  19. Rouge - I'm a chemical engineer for a HUGE oil company. I get paid to interpret data HONESTLY. My integrity is not allowed to be called into question - I'd be fired before that even happened.

    The FIU bench cleared first. The tape is up on YouTube. I don't have the link handy - but it's been watched a ****-ton of times by now.

    There's a pic floating around of Kenny Phillips (UM FS) getting hit in the head with a flying elbow after he's already gone down after his interception in the first Q. That was the extent of FIU's intentions this whole game.
    These kids had a grudge that they didn't get into Miami - and they chose to play chippy with kids they knew from high school.
    They came for a fight IMO. I believe that had we put up 28 in the first Q instead of the 4th - they still would have been baiting the UM players into a fight. It was inevitable IMO. (I watched the whole game on ESPN Gameplan online.)

    Was Miami right to get involved to the extent? No.
    No one should have been swinging helmets or pulling an Albert Haynesworth (even if Reddick pulled an A-Rod and totally whiffed).
    But - make no mistake - the FIU bench emptied first. Had someone from Miami not gone to help - I'd be even more DISGUSTED at the players.
    You simply can't leave your teammates out on the field to get freaking pummeled. This wasn't a hockey fight (one guy fighting one other guy). There were 3 guys kicking and punching the holder.
    As a football player running on whatever our kids were running on (not much before the fight) you just can't simply watch that and claim you have a spine.
    You know how it is RD. You've played at a high level. You can't leave your teammates behing (unless you are Terrel Owens).

    Sad to say that this is the most emotion I've seen us play with this year. But - I'm happy that it happened at some point this year.

    I'm not in the camp that this event should lead to Coker's firing. He should be fired anyway for being a terrible head coach. I'm also not in the camp (as I saw on Bucknuts) that Butch wouldn't have allowed this. That's total BS IMO (as stated above - FIU was looking for a fight).

    Now to the latest. 13 UM players were suspended for the Duke game. 18 FIU players were suspended for their game against Bama in 2 weeks (bye week next week for them). This was decided today when coordinators (or something) from the ACC and Sun Belt met at ACC HQ in N. Carolina.
    Here are the UM players:
    Carlos Armour, Chris Barney, James Bryant, Tyrone Byrd, DajLeon Farr, Ryan Hill, Bruce Johnson, Charlie Jones, Brandon Meriweather, Brian Monroe, Derrick Morse, Randy Phillips and Anthony Reddick

    That's 4 starters and the punter. (Not sure what to think about the punter getting suspended...because with as bad as this offense is - we'll have to punt at least a few times against Duke.)

    Not sure if that's just one game or more. There are a few CB's - which is serious trouble with the big GaTech matchup in 2 weeks. (Not like we could stop Cal Johnson anway...)

    Joe Schad just reported on ESPN News that the UM board of trustees will meet on Monday with the president (Donna Shalala) and the athletic director (Paul Dee) to talk about the direction of the football program and Coker's grip on it.
    He said he's heard it's not expected that Coker will be fired on Monday.

    More to come...

  20. Yup. That's it.

    Word is Lamar won't be fired by CSS. Sounds like they want him to be more "pro UM" and provide more insight into the program.

    "You can't be coming into our place talking noise like that! You gonna get yo' butt beat!!"
    I was laughing my azz off listening to that (that was the ESPN Gamecast I watched).
    He's bad as a colorman though...just bad.

    Funniest part in my mind is that an FIU player was wielding a crutch. WTF? (Que the scene from Austin Powers: "Who throws a shoe anyway??")

    Where'd you get that emoticon?? Did I miss that on here???

  21. All I have to say is Reddick should lose his scholarship(guy who swung his helmet). I think everything else has been said already.

  22. Not sure I'd go that far - I'd suspend him for 3 or 4 games.

    He barely hit the guy. He's just a terrible helmet-swinger.
    Damn retard.

  23. Somethins in those Florida Roids make em act crazy, they need to find new supplier!

  24. I know RD - that's an example of ESPN's Gamecast online. The clairity sucks.
    So - if anyone is thinking about buying that to watch your team's game - I wouldn't recommend it. It's the same price as getting it on TV. (I got it for free though. )

    Basso - too much tren, eh?
    But - we've seen this all before in S. FLA, right??? "Say hello to my little friend!"

  25. I just thought of a good idea...Miami could start a new Ultimate Fighting Championship league, where after everygame they get in a brawl with the other team. I'd watch that on Pay-Per View! ha i'm only kidding and giving jmh a hard time.


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