49ers 34 Raiders 20

  1. 49ers 34 Raiders 20

    Hell yeah baby. I wanna see all the 49ers fanatics RIGHT NOW (whew, the 12 pack of New Castle is speaking on my behalf). ****ing awesome, we handed the Chokeland Raiders a humiliating defeat. I finally got my Ronnie Lott sewed on jersey. Made $600 today on behalf of the greates game created by man. You guys just don't know how bad these Raiders fans are, they all tlak crap because they have a mouth but are cowards if you call them out. Alex Smith was very impressive, Frank Gore is the MAN. Gore is very dangerous out of the backfield and killed Chokeland on a few screens. Awesome week, we're 2-2, not LOSERS any more

  2. love it, Raiders aren't winning a single game.

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