Stupid Heisman Watch 2006-2007

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  1. Stupid Heisman Watch 2006-2007

    CED59 Heisman Watch 10.9
    1. Troy Smith (75%)
    2. Adrian Peterson (10%)
    3. Chad Henne (9%)
    4. Antonio Pittman (seriously) (5%)
    5. Brady Quinn
    6. Steve Slaton
    7. JD Booty B1tch
    8. Calvin Johnson
    9. Mike Hart
    10. Entire Louisville Cardinals' Team, Organization, Papa John's Pizza/Stadium (1%)
    11. Urban Meyer*

    *Meyer attempts to become the first non player to win the Heisman. He will have to show that it is his system and not the players responsible for SEC Dominance. He will battle Chris Leak who is also trying to help the team win.

  2. Out of all those Heisman Canidates Calvin Johnson will by far be the best NFL long as he doesn't flop like Mike Williams (I have to take a shot at USC once and a while haha)

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Drone
    I vote for kicking the Cards to the curb, and giving their spot to Garrett Wolfe.

  4. I am rooting for Calvin Johnson, Garret Wolfe and/or Adrian Peterson. Although it looks like Smith is already going to win it unless they lose to Michigan.

  5. Antonio Pittman is so valuable to OSU it's ridiculous

  6. I think Wolfe deserves to be the #1 candidate for the Heisman

  7. I'm actually thinking that too at the moment, no joke

  8. Quote Originally Posted by CEDeoudes59
    I'm actually thinking that too at the moment, no joke
    Think about it. NIU has one weapon, Wolfe. Every team that plays NIU knows this yet he is still able to produce. Sure Horvath is a decent QB but he is not a QB that a team would fear.

    So I vote for the little guy.

  9. nah i hear you, he had more yards agaisnt Ohio State than did the entire Texas RB rotation - and Selvin Young is pretty good, not to mention the Longhorn's line.

  10. Antonio Pitman for Heisman!?!

    wow, thats just wrong

  11. In 6 games:
    156 carries 1343 yards 13 TDs 8.6 avg.
    13catches 162 yards 1 TD

    this is insane, excuse me.. Wolfe is amazing

  12. Quote Originally Posted by ECTOmorph
    Antonio Pitman for Heisman!?!

    wow, thats just wrong
    I don't know why that is so absurd.
    He is far more valuable than Ginn Jr who is/was a Heisman candidate.

    Ginn is on pace to top his career high: 800 yard season and 4tds.

    but he's really really really fast without equipment on

  13. ginn should have never been in the heisman discussion in the first place...he isnt even the best wr on his own team and never was

    pittman is really good and very valuable to osu, but isnt even a top 5 rb

    to have him above the likes of brady quinn, steve slaton, garet wolfe, calvin johnson, & mike hart is just nuts

  14. agreed, Gonzalez > Ginn.

    I'll argue that Pittman has been nearly as valuable as Hart, so far... It's not a strong argument though

  15. Calvin Johnson followed by Wolfe. I agree w/ what you guys said about him - but NO WAY he wins.

    If McGahee didn't win as a soph - ain't no way in f*cking hell Wolfe wins.

    BTW - Rouge, do you post anywhere else other than the CFB board on here??? I can't honestly recall seeing you anywhere else on the board...
    (Or maybe it's because I'm constantly dreaming of CED/LakeMountD......)

  16. I'd put Manningham at #2 WR right now.

    Is he a soph?
    I'm a major fan of this kid's. Have been since the GW Penn St TD - that was AWESOME!!
    (I've forgotten what a slant is. We don't run those at The U anymore....)

  17. Ginn gets the credit for his speed. Nobody really kicks to him anymore to do all that well on special teams. Now, is Ginn good because of Gonzo or is Gonzo good because of Ginn or would they both be good on their own? Ginn has always had talented WR's around him. I don't like the east-west, smear the queer crap he does with the ball sometimes, and I don't know enough football or watch game tapes with different angles during my spare time like I'm sure all the critical so-called experts do to say if he's a bad route-runner or not, but I'm glad he's a Buckeye.

    Pittman is the most underrated back in college football and he's good enough too keep the guy that is supposed to make everyone forget Mo C off of the field. He's a better than average back that I am glad to have starting as a Buckeye. I'm still waiting to see why we recruited Mo Wells, or if they're ever going to use his talent correctly.

    Troy Smith. Troy Smith is the most valuable offensive player in college football. He's the absolute leader of that team. He's only turned the ball over twice, and Tress is now turning him loose little by little with the long ball and with the feet. IMO, people haven't seen sh!t, so far, with this offense.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80
    I'd put Manningham at #2 WR right now.

    Is he a soph?
    I'm a major fan of this kid's. Have been since the GW Penn St TD - that was AWESOME!!
    (I've forgotten what a slant is. We don't run those at The U anymore....)
    Finally I thought I was the only one who remembered him having a pretty good Freshmen season last year. And now its seems like the media is making him come out of nowhere. That also leads me to Henne/Hart heisman campaign. Without Manningham showing he can be a #1 Wideout then Hart would be zeroed on and wouldnt be having the season he is. And Henne is now confident in his Soph WR, so that helps. Which in my opinion shows that this team would not be a top team without all 3 clicking. I also see this problem with Ginn/Smith. Thats why I like Peterson, Calvin and Wolfe as the top runners for the heisman. Just because their teams dont really have the offensive weapons as the others. *not saying any of the others are great players*

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Drone
    Henne is the only irreplaceable one of those three, losing Hart and/or Manningham would hurt, but not a death blow, UM is deep on RBs and WRs.
    This is the point I was trying to make about Troy. I don't think Zwick, or the two young gunslingers we have would take this team where Troy can. I've heard people talk about our great line, the best in years, but I don't see it. We lost Mangold and now have a young guard at center who snaps the shotgun all over the place. Troy is left to create a lot more plays than he should, and there are way too many damned holding penalties (Alex Boone).

    The d-line is the backbone of this team, in my opinion. Their play is allowing the LB's to get into position and are why we lead the nation in takeaways. Without this we have a hell of a lot more 17-14 final scores.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Drone
    Lose Branch, Taylor and Woodley from their D, and Michigan is average defensively, currently they are as good overall as anyone in the country. might want to rephrase that and insert some other teams (or half of the SEC)

    Allright Lets compare numbers for the hell of it

    Henne 1103yards 62.0 comp% 13TD 4INT 160.9 Rating
    Leak 1395yards 64.7comp% 14 TD's 5 INT's 163.06 Rating

    Leak plays in the SEC, full of great defenses
    henne plays in the Big ten, semi known for the defense
    henne also has the luxery of a running game

    I dont think either are heisman worthy yet, i have to see how the year plays out, but how can you say one is but not the other. I'm Fing tired of the SEC getting no love...this is where smash mouth football takes place and is the way football should be played, except for this spread offense UF runs that i'm still trying to get used to (dont think I ever will)

  21. Quote Originally Posted by gators52
    I'm Fing tired of the SEC getting no love...this is where smash mouth football takes place and is the way football should be played, except for this spread offense UF runs that i'm still trying to get used to (dont think I ever will)
    I hear the same thing from the Big 12 and Big 10 fans. You can throw the current Tuberville crap of the BCS system not being fair because the SEC is too tough to go undefeated in, into the mix of crap I hear from those other two conferences, although the way I heard the old men argue it while growing up was "If you go undefeated in the Big 10, you should win the national title because it's so damned hard to do."

    If you're going to complain about no love for the SEC, complain about the having to come from behind to beat MSU after getting trounced by Michigan Domers being voted 8th, and a Tennesse team that whooped on Cal and Georgia and barely lost to Florida being ranked 9th in USA Today.

  22. Yeah, that tough SEC D shined bright with that 51-33 Tenn/Georgia game.

  23. I give up with you people, you all need to learn more about football. Mich 22-5 vs SEC...first of all that tells us nothing like what teams they beat what they were ranked at the time and how long ago those wins were...what a bad stat. You just can't throw numbers out and hope they mean something.

    Also with all your Henne excuses "drop balls...ect" Every QB has receivers that drop balls. Does henne split time with another QB like Leak does? Does Henne play in the SEC? Does henne have to worry about droping the entire defense into converage b/c he has no running game like Leak? Leak has more TD's despite being replaced half the time they go into the redzone. Neither of them are heisman worthy, you people need to stop drinking the kool-aid of your favoite teams. I go to UF and i'm sitting here telling u Leak isn't a up , put the kool-aid down grab some water (we all know thats better for you anyways)

  24. I love for Chris Leak to win the Heisman but I just can't see a QB who does not take 98% of his team's snaps winning this award. He accounted for 0 touchdowns against LSU and probably is not the red-zone QB at his point.

    to me, throw all the stats out and focus mainly on performances in big games. I am saying Troy Smith is up by about 1 or 1.5 on Chad Henne. Texas (1), Penn State (.5) and Iowa (1). Henne has (1) for Notre Dame and can make up ground with the upcoming Penn State and Iowa games. If Michigan wins those and does not slip up..

    edit: If we want to throw Leak in there, I say he has 1 decisive quality win.. At Tennessee. So he is tied in my numbers game with Henne.

    The Heisman might be won on November 18 in the Horseshoe.
    Only and Only if Ohio State loses, will Troy Smith not win the Heisman

  25. I love how West Virginia's Coach said they needed to prove they were legit - so they scheduled Mississippi state. Guess that answers all the questions about West Virginia. screw them, trash


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