Fantansy League

  1. Fantansy League

    My fellow AM members, its time for another hockey season and I'm tossing out the invite to those who might want to participate in a Fantansy hockey League. I would head it up, but before we get into any details, I would like to know a general feeling as to how many people want to do it. Post away.

    I'll obviously be number 1

  2. Number 2

  3. number 3

  4. Excellent!

  5. Just a heads up we need liek 8 guys for this to work, and I know there more than 8 people out there so c'mon join up!

  6. Well if no one else wants to join, I got room on my other league, do you guys want the info for that

  7. Info please.

  8. league id: 64421

    password: password2

    Live draft scheduled for September 30thso far there only two people signed in, but thats chaning I had to set the date today.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Spectre32
    league id: 64421

    password: password2
    uhhhhh. information needed, ex. what website.

  10. Oh Whoops. It Under sports--->Fantansy Sports---> Hockey(obviously)

  11. do you guys still need bodies? I'm not real familiar with hockey, but i hate it when fantasy leagues don't have enough people to have a season.

  12. Ummm I'm not exactly sure. I gotta see what the deal is come Friday. I'll give you a heads up then.

  13. I just checked the league today, and no one yet has joined from AM. I'm just seeing what the deal is


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