Stupid Upset Picks week 2

  1. Stupid Upset Picks week 2

    For anyone new, the game is easy. Pick an underdog from the list anywhere up until 1 hour before kickoff. If your pick wins the game you get the spread points. A running tally of points will be kept throughout the season and it is never too late to join.

    Thursday, Sep 7
    Favorite Spread Underdog
    BOISE ST 9.5 Oregon St

    Friday, Sep 8
    Favorite Spread Underdog
    Pittsburgh 8 CINCINNATI

    Saturday, Sep 9
    Favorite Spread Underdog
    MICHIGAN 25 Central Michigan
    NC STATE 10.5 Akron
    WAKE FOREST 21 Duke
    RUTGERS 13.5 Illinois
    Auburn 19 MISSISSIPPI ST
    ARMY 3.5 Kent St
    PURDUE 17.5 Miami (OH)
    BOWLING GREEN 21 Buffalo
    NO. ILLINOIS 14.5 Ohio
    ALABAMA 16.5 Vanderbilt
    NOTRE DAME 7 Penn St
    BOSTON COLLEGE 2.5 Clemson
    MICHIGAN ST 24 Eastern Michigan
    Iowa 18 SYRACUSE
    OKLAHOMA 16.5 Washington
    VIRGINIA 9.5 Wyoming
    WASHINGTON ST 17 Idaho
    BYU 6 Tulsa
    Colorado St 2.5 COLORADO
    FLORIDA 23.5 Central Florida
    Stanford 10 SAN JOSE ST
    MARYLAND 20.5 Middle Tennessee St
    LSU 14.5 Arizona
    Indiana 3 BALL ST
    TENNESSEE 19.5 Air Force
    UAB 6 East Carolina
    ARKANSAS 29 Utah St
    CALIFORNIA 7 Minnesota
    SOUTH FLORIDA 20 Florida International
    IOWA ST 16 Unlv
    HOUSTON 14 Tulane
    Southern Methodist 4.5 NORTH TEXAS
    KANSAS 21 La-Monroe
    TEXAS A&M 20.5 La-Lafayette
    Oklahoma St 14.5 ARKANSAS ST
    KANSAS ST 22.5 Florida Atlantic
    Georgia 2.5 SOUTH CAROLINA
    New Mexico 12.5 NEW MEXICO ST
    TEXAS 2.5 Ohio State
    Texas Tech 6.5 UTEP
    ARIZONA ST 14.5 Nevada
    UCLA 27 Rice
    Oregon 3.5 FRESNO ST
    Florida State 30 Troy

    Thanks to phyrekat on Bucknuts for the game and spreads, and lilkev42 for the standings which look like this after week 1:

    Week 1 Standings
    1. Jantrick - 5.5 points
    1. lilkev - 5.5 points
    3. Binge - 0 points
    3. JHM - 0 points
    3. Rouge - 0 points
    3. Size - 0 points

  2. Is there really any question?

    OSU +2.5

  3. OK, so instead of going homer for little points I'll change my pick for real points

    Illinois +13.5

  4. Oregon State 8.5 over Boise State. Oregon St. is my #2 team behind FSU. Almost went wiht Rocky Hinds and UNLV over Iowa St, but I had to pick my west coast team when they are the underdog.

    ---Binge, I am not sure anyone will pick it but your missing the Florida State vs Troy line. I believe the line is TROY+30. Just incase someone wants to pick it, I got the line off some random gambling site I googled.

  5. San Jose State will beat Stanford
    Ohio St will beat Texas (handily)
    Penn St. will beat the Cryin' Irish

  6. I would consider Kent State but the line is around 6.5 and not 3.5 as listed here.

    Therefore, I will select Akron at +10.5

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Iron Warrior
    San Jose State will beat Stanford
    Ohio St will beat Texas (handily)
    Penn St. will beat the Cryin' Irish
    lol you only get one pick. which would you like?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by lilkev42
    lol you only get one pick. which would you like?
    Ohio State. I got upset pick happy for a second

  9. I so badly want to pick my beloved Buckeyes(who I believe will win) but there are more points picking Penn State to beat Notre Dame, so Penn State it is.

  10. I'll try 'Zona over LSU.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80
    I'll try 'Zona over LSU.
    Not to be rude, I really hope you are wrong.
    Last edited by size; 09-07-2006 at 10:40 AM.

  12. I had this big explanation as to why I went with Arizona - but the post disappeared.

    I'm not typing it again - no one reads what I post anyway...

  13. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80
    I'll try 'Zona over LSU.
    I was actually thinking this pick. But went with my Beavers, who are getting crushed now. But anyway I applaud the pick and think its a smart move. I can see Zona beating LSU, they are a sleeper team basically IMO. If they show up and play smart, I think they could be a pretty good team, but consistency is the problem with schools on the cusp of being something strong.

    Oh and congrats JMH on the SNS rep. Good luck with all of that.

  14. Basically - I see Oregon St in 2k4 all over again. LSU looking ahead to Auburn. Etc, etc, etc. (Ending w/ JaMarcus making yet another bone headed play....)
    Not sure Zona can do it - but it's worth a helluva lot of points.

    All in (as they apparently say in poker).

  15. ill take ohio state over texas at the buzzer

  16. Week 2 Final Standings
    1. Size - 10.5 (1-1)
    2. Jantrick - 8 (2-0)
    3. lilkev - 5.5 (1-1)
    4. Iron Warrior - 2.5(1-0)
    5. Binge - 0 (0-2)
    5. JMH - 0 (0-2)
    5. Rouge - 0 (0-2)
    5. Bucknuts - 0 (0-1)

    Size takes the lead with Getsy's scramble and Akrons late 4th quarter(blown game) and then comeback. Jantrick and Iron picked OSU over UT and everyone else was sadly wrong. If anything is wrong in the standings let me know.

  17. I should play these picks.
    First week, I had BYU and they covered. This week I wnet back and forth between Kent and Akron and both covered with Akron getting the win.

    A new week with new picks, the fun continues.

    Anyone going to take Temple?

  18. I added the overall standings(win-loss) record in there just for fun. So we can see if the person who has the most right guesses actually wins or not. Just some food for thought, even though it doesnt matter.

    AND NO FSU REMARKS. I WAS AT THE GAME AND TRUST ME I KNOW WE SUCKED. IT WAS HORRIBLE!!!! I was supposed to leave at half knowing we will win(you know around 21-3 or something), and go watch OSU-UT, but nope we decided to play terrible football. I am just praying they were looking ahead to Clemson and forgot they had to play on Saturday. Otherwise we lose to Clemson by 45 this weekend.

  19. Kev - I already told you boy Kris you guys would lose 3 to 5 this year.

    I still stand by that statement.

    Clemson is hurting. 3 D starters are out for the year.
    They couldn't stop BC's run.

    Not that Booker or Smith are really that good though...


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