Poll: Was Lance Armstrong on any performance enhancing drugs?

Was Lance on any sort of drugs?

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  1. Isn't Lance on TRT?? He suffered from Testicular Cancer so i'm sure they removed his testes... that said, i'm sure his T levels are in the upper 1/3 of the range. How many guys his age will have T levels that high naturally?? I'm sure that was a big advantage for him...

  2. i would like too say yes, but really how is one too know?

  3. I just like how he confessed at the ESPY's. My jaw dropped during the silence.

    SporTech Matter » You Tube Tuesday - Lance Armstrong ESPY Monologue

    Here's some facts to chew on.

    Riding style
    He has an extremely high aerobic threshold and therefore can maintain a higher cadence (often 120 rpm) in a lower gear than his competitors, most noticeably in the time trials. This style is in direct contrast to previous champions (e.g. Jan Ullrich and Miguel Indurain) who used a high gear and brute strength to win time trials. It is believed that a high cadence results in less fatigue in the leg muscles than a lower cadence requiring more severe leg muscle contractions. Ultimately the cardiovascular system is worked to a greater extent with a high cadence than with a lower, more muscular cadence. Because the leg muscles are taxed less with a high cadence pedaling style, they recover faster and the efforts can be sustained for longer periods of time. Armstrong dedicated a significant portion of his training to developing and maintaining a very efficient high cadence style.

    Rare athletic physical attributes
    All top cyclists have excellent physical attributes. Armstrong is no exception, although in one way, he may be unusual even for an elite athlete. He is near but not at the top aerobically, having a VO2 Max of 83.8 mL/kg/min — much higher than the average person (40-50) but not as high as that of some other elite cyclists, such as Miguel Indurain (88.0, although reports exist that Indurain tested at 92-94) or Greg LeMond (92.5).[1] His heart is 30 percent larger than average; however, an enlarged heart is a common trait for many other athletes. He has a resting heart rate of 32-34 beats per minute with a max heart rate at 201 bpm.[2] Armstrong's most unusual attribute may be his low lactate levels. During intense training, the levels of most racers range from 12 μL/kg to as much as 20 μL/kg; Armstrong doesn't go above 6 μL/kg. The result is that less lactic acid accumulates in Armstrong's system, therefore it is possible that he feels less fatigue from severe efforts and this may contribute to his ability to sustain the same level of physical effort as other elite racers with less fatigue and faster recovery times. Some theorize that his high pedaling cadence is designed to take advantage of this low lactate level. In contrast, other cyclists — like Jan Ullrich — rely on their anaerobic capacity, pushing a larger gear at a lower rate. Further improvements in Armstrong's physical attributes and performance have been attributed to training induced increases in his muscular efficiency indicating changes in muscle myosin type.[3]

  4. the low lacitc levels go along with he having 0 fast twitch muscle fiber. he's all slow twitch. he couldnt break a 60 second 400 if he wanted to. (running) over exadrated of course, but shows how he's built. those others might be able to output higher wattage on the bike, but lance can hold a steady pace for a longer time.
  5. genetic supremecy via the needle

    Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Drone
    The evidence is that Armstrong has an exceptionally high VO2 max as a product of genetics and training, dedication and mental focus accompanied by ultra cutting edge team support and science to the level of a Space Shuttle mission. Often tested, nothing found.

    The evidence of drug use is what? Beyond slanderous non evidenciary street smack?
    for those of you who don't know what EPO does for the body check it out. all cyclist know that Lance's superhuman traits are all side effects of EPO. everyone is in denile because we want to believe. cycling is dirty and it's unfair to the ones that are clean. YES THERE ARE SOME CLEAN RACERS. they just never win because of cheaters

  6. Angry

    Quote Originally Posted by Dredlockguy
    for those of you who don't know what EPO does for the body check it out. all cyclist know that Lance's superhuman traits are all side effects of EPO. everyone is in denile because we want to believe. cycling is dirty and it's unfair to the ones that are clean. YES THERE ARE SOME CLEAN RACERS. they just never win because of cheaters

    I don't consider it cheating at all, they should use as well or they will lose like they are, PLAIN AND SIMPLE!

  7. Juicing does not make you a good athlete. You can't just juice and then say oh yeah by the way i'm goin to play football, baseball or even do a tour de france you have to have skills before juicing will help you do anything.

    Just like juicing and lifting people think that its too hard so i'll juice to start and they end up no where, i see it at the gym i go to all the time. IMO i think they should just legalize it anyways cause most pro's juice anyways.

  8. I'm not even going to vote on this poll, because I don't like the way it was phrased.

    I think realistically it's pretty likely that he was using something, but to have 1 of the 2 options as he was on juice "big time" is not really fair nor necessarily accurate

    edit: Also I do not think it's right that all cyclists should have to take any exogenous substances to be able to truly compete -- if they choose not to. I am very much against the idea of mandatory drug tests and such (in school except in certain situations and in 99% of cases in the workplace), but it might be a decent idea for there to be a natural competition (complete with polygraph and urinalysis for athletes), similar to more strict natty bodybuilding shows, in addition to free-for-all events...

    I admittedly know little about cycling, but implementing a similar system in basically all sporting events seems to make some sense to me. Also, like someone else mentioned, I'd personally be way more prone to watching all 'superhuman' athletes compete.
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  9. pist

    hey man, i like your approach to this.


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