CWS Championship Game

  1. CWS Championship Game

    Did anyone just watch the final game??? Wow, UNC losing on an error, I can't believe it. I thought UNC was going to take it when the season began. That pitching staff is amazing, but those Beavers wouldn't give up. I have to say that is one of the greatest games I've watched in college.

  2. Dallas Buck striking out 2 with the bases loaded was the clutch! And Gunderson is just amazing. UNC's pitching impressed me, but Buck/Gundersen/Nickerson impressed me more this series.

  3. But yes, those errors sure did affect the game, however, UNC's only two runs in was also caused by error and were unearned. However, UNC achilles heel all season were errors, which is why the commentators mentioned they need to catch the ball to win.

  4. Yeah true, but what a pitching matchup for the whole series. Miller/Bard/Woodward vs Buck/Nickerson/Gunderson and hell throw Turpen in there. It was a nice change from the usual slugfests.

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