Lakers Vs Suns

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  1. Lakers Vs Suns

    remember this now people...Lakers will beat the Suns in 6 games...and watch not only Kobe dominate but for Kwame Brown to eat up anyone on him

  2. Kwame Brown is horrible.

  3. Good luck with your prediction since the Suns are up 1 game to none. Oh and by the way, Kwame Brown is horsesh1t.

  4. its a 7 game series...I am not trippen...Lakers almost won with Kobe missing like 6 layups.....they will be fine

  5. My question is, would you say the same thing if Amarie Stoudamire was playing...

  6. nah man if Amarie was playing I'd say the Lakers would get sweeped...After that injury he got though I'd be suprised if he came back the same...

  7. I agree here..... Lakers will pull this series out. And anyone who thinks Kwame is crap is gonna eat there words. I thought differently in the beginning of the year, but he's really come around. Sounds crazy saying it even now...

  8. I live in D.C., and watched that bum Kwame play live at the MCI center a few times a year for several years. Maybe he improved, but he was really bad for the Wizards.

  9. what do expect when Michael Jordan a guy that Kwame idolized says u suck I'm sure that ****s with ur mind...Then u got Phil Jackson bringing this dudes potential out...Kwame is probally one of the top 3 strongest players in the NBA...the guys pushed around by no one except for maybe Kwam is playing much better since he was moved to Center...hes not that great at Powerfoward

  10. He's a completely different player. Like night and day. At the beginning of the year, HE FLAT OUT SUCKED. By the end of the year he became a lockdown defender, shutting down Duncan, Rasheed, and KG... total craziness... his offensive game is slowly coming into form as well. It's nuts, he was a total bust but now many Laker fans see what MJ saw in him. He has the physical body to dominate and he's just now starting to understand that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alexander
    I live in D.C., and watched that bum Kwame play live at the MCI center a few times a year for several years. Maybe he improved, but he was really bad for the Wizards.

  11. I don't see how Kwame is one of the strongest guys in the NBA, but even if he is its not really working out for him. I think he averages about 6 points and 6 rebounds a game, on the friggin Lakers. He really is not very good, and I recommend not getting too hyped up about him because he will let you down.

  12. Alexander u obviously know nothing about the Lakers homie....If u knew anything about Basketball and watch Kwame one player that muscles him around? also look at his average over the last 20 games ...not to mention Kwame plays really good Defense...get your facts str8 next time u come with some BS

  13. I don't know what facts I don't have straight. 6 point 6 rebounds for the season is not impressive by any standards. I mean we are arguing over whether Kwame is good or not, your not gonna win. You say I came with BS, please point it out to me. I mean I can't stand Kobe, but I realize he's damn good. It's just not the case with Kwame, he had a decent 20 game stretch, congrats. If he starts averaging 15 and 10 over the next couple seasons, then we can talk.

  14. I must admit Kwame has somehow gotten better. Still has a ways to go, but he's clearly improved.

  15. Compare Jermaine O'Neal and Kwame at the same age and you'll see they're comparable. Kwame is about a year behind where Jermaine was but that's simply because of 1)Kwame's injury and 2) the mess that was Washington.

    Am I saying Kwame will be the next Jermaine O'Neal? No, Kwame's game is different, but he might be just as good. Kwame is very young and he now has a coach that will work with him. His progress has been stunning.

    In fact, every big man that has ever done anything the NBA and has come out of HS has developed very slowly. It's usually taken them 4 years to do anything worthy...

  16. After today where going back to Arizona up 3-1....

  17. I hope so....... Nash and the Suns are a joke of a #2 team and Nash as MVP... yeah, how much better is he making his team????

    And the other Suns MVP candidate? Marion... he's getting lit up and stuffed by Lamar Odom.

    I sure hope it's 3-1 Lakers at the end of the game today.... that would be amazing.

  18. I don't like the lakers but Kobe is amazing Lakers 3-1

  19. Mr Clutch at his Best...Yeah Baby!!!!!!!!

    Lakers are # 1

  20. I hate the Suns so much... and yeah, THAT is why Kobe should be the MVP...

    f off Nash...

  21. I never would've expected this from the Lakers this year. They've really got the fans into it, they might be trouble for the whole West if they can keep it up. It seems the whole team is in the semi-ZONE.

  22. As a Laker fan I am dissapointed in tonight....Kwame ever since his sexual assault case being investigated after game 3 or 4 it got to his head...he sucked ass and it showed he was not the same player on their nice choke streak....All I gotta say is expect Mr. Garnett to be in a Laker jersey next year

  23. It's good for Kobe. Now he and the lakers see how much they miss Shaq. On to NJ for the Heat.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by oswizzle
    remember this now people...Lakers will beat the Suns in 6 games...and watch not only Kobe dominate but for Kwame Brown to eat up anyone on him

  25. its all good bro...funny thing is Kobe is gonna be at his peak next season...he is gonna be better and I know for sure they are gonna get someone to compliment his game....Clippers will handle the Sunz...write it down now...Go LA

  26. I would never EVER get KG. NEVER.

    Why? It means losing Lamar and he's been awesome AND consistent.

    I live in MN... KG isn't everything he's cracked up to be. He NOT a PF, has NO post game whatsoever, and he's starting to wear down. He's had constant injuries the past 2 years that most don't know about.

    One other thing about Kwame.... he's still developing. Look at the steps he took this year... all he needed was confidence and a coach that could help him succeed. Washington was basically a mess for him. Some guys you have to nurture and he's one. You can't hammer, hammer, hammer and expect him to grow.

    Lakers don't need KG... they a PG and PF to help out Kwame at C. If they get KG, that puts them back a year in devlelopment and team chemistry. If you're a bit time Laker fan and watch all/most games, you saw an amazing transformation this year. Kobe was shooting so much BECAUSE HE HAD TO. Guys had NO clue. The triangle aint easy. It's an offense that's built upon reading your teammates, opponents, and situations. It's not scripted. It literally takes most teams over 1/2 a season to grasp. Laker fans started noticing Lamar get comfortable and start to dominate.... Kobe shoot less and trust his teammates, and Kwame getting comfortable all about the same time.

    Getting rid of half your team for KG makes no sense and will simply lead to bad year next year... wasting a year of Kobe's prime.

  27. Bro K.G is on another level and still in his Prime.....He gets doubled and tripled all day long....not to mention he puts on almost triple doubles every time he plays....K.G and Kobe would be alot better then the team they have now 100%

  28. I highly disagree, but it's clear I won't change your mind.

    KG is not in his prime... at least, his body isn't. Because he's not very big, the banging is taking it's toll on him. He's been constantly hurt the past 2 years... not a good sign at all...

    Having watched most Wolves games (I live in MPLS), I would just be wary of getting him. Odom is a much better fit for the triangle and to co-exist with Kobe. Lamar can do everything KG can but his shot isn't quite as good..... yet. Lamar, however, can shoot the 3...

    Only real thing KG brings over Lamar is defense right now. People forget KG is in a situation where he has to do it all... shoot, pass, rebound, defend, etc. His stats are inflated as is his value... especially if he continue to have injury concerns.

    Just my $.02

  29. The Lakers did not have a Game 7 mentality at all. Kobe gave up after the first half which left The Suns with an uncontested win. A great comeback by The Suns.

  30. this year it seems that it is LA vs PHX
    Suns suck???
    hmm i dont think so but they are on par with the clippers making them more like a 5-6 seed not a 2 but they did show they can kill you if you let up for a second their in great shape and after last game they showed they can take it and shove it down your throat if your going to play the perimeter soley. tough defense to come up wtih to defend them because if your defense doesnt click just right your going to lose Elton Brand is amazing at times even Kobe esque but not as consistent but his size and power make up for that
    and who the hell is Boris Diaw????
    great series so far


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