AM March Madness Pool?

  1. AM March Madness Pool?

    Is anyone setting up a Ncaa Tourney Pool this year?

  2. Im down if someone is.

  3. you know I'm always down

  4. i'd be in

  5. I made a private group in yahoo fantasy sports for an online bracket. If you dont have a yahoo id, theyre free and easy to sign up for. Anyone's welcome.

    league #: 86471

    password: bball

    link to yahoo fantasy sports

  6. If anyone else is interested... your picks have to be in by the thursday @ 12 est.

  7. any still have all of their final 4 teams still in play? BC and Duke screwed me but two of the four might still make it

  8. i had pitt in my final 4. If uconn or nova would have lost last night i would have been finished. Both of those games were great.

  9. I still have Florida, UCONN, and Memphis in play.

  10. freaking Gonzaga & Duke WTF!

  11. my bracket is officially dead. Thanks Uconn.

  12. me too... i thought brown was gonna hit the game winner at the end but like the rest of the team he choked.

  13. UConn killed me too!


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