Did you guys see the stupid fer in the Texas game ?

  1. Did you guys see the stupid fer in the Texas game ?

    This is funny but still absurb. Did you guys check out the ref who gave Texas head coach Tom Penders a technical after he collapsed from a heart attack. The ref didn't even overturn it after he KNEW it was a heart attack LMFAO. Luckily Penders is doing okay now. What the hell was this ref thinking LOL ?

  2. do we have a pictue o him whistling the T? I would photoshop his ass good...

  3. No bro I don't have a pic, I heard it on JT the Brick's radio show. I just find it ****ing hilarious that this dude is rolling on the floor with his life on the line and the ref Tee's him up because he thinks he's faking it

  4. I didn't see that, but did everyone else catch that dunk by Shannon Brown from Mich State!!!! Probably the best yet this year!



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