Michigan just got robbed

  1. Michigan just got robbed

    Those refs just ****ing robbed Michigan. Un-****ing-believable!!

  2. that game made me sick! Idiot ref's! MI having to call 2 time outs just to get a replay! Then, they're out of T/O's & they don't review that last pass interferance at the end zone!?!?!!?!!!!

    Hats off to Nebraska, they never gave up.

    but dayum, we got robbed......

  3. both teams would have been robbed... the refs were absurd on both sides the entire time. Zach Taylor really played hard in other news
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  4. Lloyd Carr must go now. Bring in Urban Mayer. They've got the talent, just need the coaches to bring it out.

  5. Wow, that may have saved Bill Callahan's job at Nebraska. Carr really needs to go, I think they should have gone after Norm Chow or Jeff Tedford last year. Tedford would've had a wet dream with the talent at Michigan.

  6. You guys are crazy, Lloyd is my hero Anyway, the loss sucks. I hate watching Big 10 teams lose bowl games.

    Who would they hire? Urban Meyer has an out clause, always has at every job, for OSU, UM, and ND. He has too good of a class coming in to just up and leave. Frank Solich at Ohio U comes to mind, as does Les Miles -- in another two years. National Championship coaches just do not get fired. They fire their staff, but not the head coaches. If it does happen, top MAC coaches are the trend these days.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Drone
    that still has a machine based no plyometric program for fear of injury, annual top 10 recruiting classes are not being physically developed the way they should be.
    Funny you should say that cause that is what they were all year.

    In spite of the refs, Michigan had their chance and turned the ball over two times in a row, giving Nebraska good field postion each time.

    But it also seemed to me that the officials didnt give the attention to the game that they should have (at least I hope that was the case) cause that game meant a lot to the teams playing.

  8. cancer causing agent, errrr, Carcinogen, your right. We did give it up to the bug eaters twice, giving them great field position. I thought for a while there, that MI's D was going to completely wear out their line and especially their QB.

    The refs were atrocious! To disregard the play review was un-called for..

  9. The game was called bad on both sides, so to whine that UM got screwed is absurd. It was a great win for the Huskers, who won the last three games of the season for the first time since 99'. They are a team on the way back to the top of College football. And by the way, Bill Callahan's job was still very much secure, even if NU had lost that game. Callahan is one of the best recruiters out there, both of his two classes are in the top 10.

  10. Well, Michigan robbed Penn State earlier in the year.

    Karma is a bitch.

  11. Michigans "D" folded like a deck of cards in the second half.


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