who is your allstar squad?

  1. who is your allstar squad?

    starting five
    Duncan, Brand, Novitsky,nash,kobe

    cassel,parker,'melo,KG,S. Marion,Yao,McGraidy or J-rich,Pau Gassol.

    Notable absenties:
    (Ray Allen - seatle is realy down and so is he. Chris Paul is borderline allstar, and Yao is sort of default pick for lack of other good centers)
    Starting five:
    B. Wallace, J. Oneal, Lebron, Billups, AI
    Vince Carter, Rip hamilton, Shaq, D.wade, T.prince, G. Arenas and 'Sheed or D. Howard.

    notable absenties (artest - because of injury, Jason Kid - injured and playing sub par, shaw is also in by default I would definetley get a forward in there in his place if I could)

  2. here is my updated squad

    starting five as selected by ballot
    Yao, Duncan,McGraidy, nash,kobe

    Cassel or Ray Allen,parker,'melo,Brand, Novitsky,KG,Pau Gassol or S. Marion or Okur.

    Notable absenties:
    (Chris Paul is borderline allstar)

    starting five as selected by ballot:
    Shaq, J. Oneal(replaced by 'sheed because of Injury), Lebron, D. wade , AI
    Billups, Vince Carter, Rip hamilton, B. Wallace, G. Arenas,P. Pearce
    Last one I'm debating - T.prince, C. bosh or Michael redd.

    Pistons send four players at least. well deserverd.

  3. Detroit Pistons guards Chauncey Billups and Richard Hamilton will be appearing in their first NBA All-Star Game, joining frontcourt teammates Ben Wallace and Rasheed Wallace ...

    yea, about time ...

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