Fantasy footbal Dillema of the week

  1. Fantasy footbal Dillema of the week

    OK folks, its semifinals time at my league.

    After making some huge rookie errors (like waving terry glen, Joey Gallaway, Ruben Doughns...ETC)
    and losing Westbrook for the season

    I'm still in a place where I can make things happen, but, all my RB and WR are second or third string.

    First Dillema - who to start at QB -
    Mcnair against seatle at home
    Brunell against the cowboys at home

    Than my lineup:
    beside Bobby Engram(WR), Thomas Jones(RB) C. Houston (Jets Rookie RB who will start because CM is gone for the year) and Alge Crumpler(TE)
    I have 3 more spots to fill
    WR, W/R and W/T
    Available players are:

    D. Northcutt (WR, Cle) @Oak, With #1 WR Braylon Eduards gone for the year maybe he will use this oppurtunity.

    K. Curtis (WR, STL) Vs. Phi, has been a gem the first 2/3 of the year but is now choking a bit.

    B. Loyd (WR, SF) @Jac

    E. Moulds (WR, Buf) Vs. Den

    K.Robinson (WR, min) Vs. Pit

    H. Miller (TE, pit) had 5 TD's in 4 games and since than has 0 receptions in his last 4-5 games...

    what says you?
    as you can see I'm working with 3rd string guys here, but nothing is realy available for in free agency

  2. bump, the weekend is approaching

  3. Has anyone picked up Ryan Moats in your league? But of the players you have this week I would go with Northcutt, Lloyd, and Robinson (he returns too so he has extra chances). Also if David Garrard is still available in your league or if anyone dropped Kerry Collins after he was benched last week they may both be better starts at QB for this week. Out of your QB's I would have to say that McNair is a better start though. Good luck, I am in the semi's of my league as well. Tough decisions all around.

  4. Hey if anyone has a little advice for my team as well here is my dilemma. We have a lot of players per team in my league and I have 4 spots at RB and 7 RB's available (Rudi Johnson is already starting). Out of these 7 pick 4.
    Julius Jones
    Marion Barber
    Fred Taylor
    Mike Anderson
    Ryan Moats
    Artose Pinner
    Chad Houston

    Jones and Barber split time but always one of em scores. Taylor is finally back but splitting time with Jones now. Anderson always loses carries but scores a lot. Moats, Pinner, and Houston are new starters cuz of injuries. Any advice?

  5. brunell,, curtis, h question

  6. i agree with zed, the only thing is that, fitzpatrick looks so bad lately, so curtis could be an iffy pick, the only thing i might change would give northcutt a chance because oaklands defense is so pourous

  7. jason, you gotta play moats, jones, anderson and taylor. pinner isn't the starter and sucks anyway, the jets can't move the ball (besides against oakland, pourous d) and i think you have to play jones over barber, even though they are splitting carries


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