Poll: What's gonna happen?

HAHA anyone see King Colt yet?

  1. HAHA anyone see King Colt yet?

    On ESPN's page 2 they stated:

    "If Peter Jackson wants to film another epic, maybe he'd better start paying attention to Peyton Manning and the undefeated Colts."

    Pick how the season will end up in the poll
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  2. They'll win the Super Bowl but I believe they'll go 15-1 during the regular season because they'll rest their starters and experiment with new things they may try in the play offs.

  3. colts are rubbish, as proven in the game against the stillers...

  4. Boy were you guys wrong.

  5. Then you got your qb blaming the OL for lack of protection that he obviously didn't call out properly with his series of gyrations pre-snap. What a disaster, and omg that 4th down when Peyton WAIVED off the HEAD COACHES DECISION AND WENT FOR IT? Who the **** is really the coach of the team here? Whoever it was, and as much as I love Bill Cowher as a personality, if you're getting outcoached by him, you have a ****ty gameplan. Bill/Dick Lebeau did a great job of mimicking the san diego chargers 3-4 and even added a little pressure and it did exactly the same thing. How Tony and the Colts didn't learn from that and run the ball more often was stupid. Or it was the fact that when the Colts are down it's like mutiny on the bounty, you have Peyton overriding the coach and trying to do everything himself which in the playoffs ends up in disaster most of the time.... Why didn't they run in the end of the game? Stupid....

  6. I don't see "13-3 regular season" or "get ass kicked in playoffs" on your list of poll options.


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