JoePa, the Best Season Ticket Holder in Sports

  1. JoePa, the Best Season Ticket Holder in Sports

    Joe Paterno will get coach of the year honors in every coach category possible no matter what happens to Mack Brown and Texas in the Rose Bowl. It's a shame because Joe does not coach. There, I said it. I wish someone on the national media stage would, but then they could not tout the Paterno/Bowden matchup as being better than the matchup between the young players on the field.

    Watch a PSU timeout and you will see Joe standing by himself off in the distance somewhere staring at the distance between his shoes and his capris pants. He does not talk to his players, he doesn't even wear a headset to communicate with the coaches in the box. He does not call plays or carry a clipboard. Joe is what all of us diehard college football fans wish we could be: the best season ticket holder in all of sports.

    If you think in recruiting he has done more than made the occassional phone call just to say to some kid "Hi, I'm Joe Paterno and I personally would like to invite you to come play football for Penn State," you are mistaken. The only credit for this season that Joe should get is for a half-assed attempt at passing the torch. The school itself should be given the credit for this season for doing two right things: 1)convincing Joe to let go of the ship, 2)finding a tactful way to do it without tarnishing Joe's or the school's legacies.

    Do your wife a favor, Joe, give that woman what you owe her and retire now so you two can have the last few years of your lives together. No wife wants to spend fifty years of marriage with her husband off at a football game, practice, recruiting trail, press conferences, teaching . . .

  2. Again, he doesn't make the adjustments, he doesn't call the plays, tell me what he does do besides be a figure on the sidelines who chases down a ref from time to time?

  3. To put together a team like he did this year says alot for a 78 year old. Granted, he could have pretty darn good assistants, but he deserves some credit. Hell, some people have to wear diapers at that age.

  4. OK, so I was being harsh for the sake of argument, and I like Joe. I don't like PSU, but I respect them as an old-school powerhouse, as a Big-10 member, and as an OSU rival.

    This is PSU's first good year in a decade. Many Big-10 fans have criticized PSU for coming into the con. a high power program, and then dropping off the map. They dropped their old rivalry games, and turned into a spoiler instead of contender. Joe takes the weight of the grief, turns some of the control over, has a great season, and all of the sudden he's a genius again. I guess that's half of my point. I still stand by my other point that I do not see other coaches doing less at gametime than I do Joe.

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