Big Ten-ACC

  1. Big Ten-ACC

    I am guessing the Big 10 will end up owning the ACC with a strong upset by indiana over duke wednesday night at 9:00

  2. Hey what happened guys

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Grassroots082
    Hey what happened guys
    The refs f*cked us over, thats what happened. You have to give JJ Reddick a 3 foot cushion and remember not to breathe in his direction or it will be a foul.

    well, the game was still the most fun game i have ever been too, and we didnt have one of our best players

  4. Dont think I like JJ, I was pulling for Indiana as much as you were, but im a UNC fan so that would explain that hate. They were good games, Killingsworth played awesome.

  5. Once again the ACC owned the Big 10



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