Top NCAA Basketball Teams

  1. Top NCAA Basketball Teams

    What do you guys think?

    I like (not personally, just think they are good)

    Michigan State

    im sure there are more, but Indiana is gonna surprise some people this year, they are very, very deep

  2. looks like someone has been watching the maui invitatonal and preseason nit.
    UW bro. No love after last year. Yea they lost nate robinson, conroy, and tre simmons but 4 of the top 7 guys are back, with 2 stud freshman, and 1 decent transfer. UW will win the pac10 and head into the dance as a number 2.

  3. Nova
    Mich State

    of course Duke but we dont like to talk about them. The Mich State and Zags game was EPIC. Morrisson is the ****.

  4. I am just happy UH won over LSU and Arizona last week.

  5. Well, since I'm a duke fan, I'm going to have to say duke. But honestly, the way they've played so far, they are by no means the #1 team in the nation. My vote would have to go to uconn right now.



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